How to get the most out of your Thermador MEDS301WS oven


Thermador’s MEDS301WS oven is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen appliances. But to get the most out of this oven, you need to know how its wide range of features helps you cook and bake easier than ever.

First of all, we’ll tell you about the three main advantages that make this appliance the ideal ally of the hectic modern life. First, we’ll talk about its convection setting that allows you to bake or roast faster and more evenly than a traditional oven does. Next, we’ll talk about its beneficial self-cleaning cycle that will help you keep the oven free of grease and dirt.

As the cherry on top, this Thermador oven comes with easy-to-use digital controls that provide precise temperature control, so you can take full advantage of this appliance. Can you ask for more? Of course, and we’ll tell you how.

Beautiful on the outside, efficient on the inside

Another feature that makes this Thermador oven a great choice for the modern home, is its sleek design with stainless steel exterior and several advanced functions to satisfy all your cooking needs.

This appliance has a large capacity, so you can cook several dishes simultaneously to please different tastes or simply offer a feast with options prepared in a healthy way. In addition, convection technology ensures even heating throughout the oven cavity, which means no more problems with cooking dishes properly.

Also, the temperature can be adjusted to suit your exact needs, giving you total control over how your food is cooked.

The ally for a healthy diet  

This oven is a versatile and powerful appliance that can help you maintain a balanced diet. It features a steam-convection system for you to cook with either steam only, convection heat, or a combination of both, so you can choose the most beneficial cooking method for any meal.

This oven also includes a special setting for cooking healthy foods such as fish, vegetables, and lean meats. So not only will you be able to prepare several dishes at once, but you’ll have no excuse for eating healthy.

Eco-friendly and smart

Certainly, the Thermador MEDS301WS oven is the right oven for any eco-friendly home because it features an advanced sensor system and convection fans that work together to provide evenly cooked food with minimal energy consumption. Packed with the latest technology so you can cook like a professional chef, this oven has a 7-inch full-color LCD touch screen that puts you in control and gives you easy access to its many functions. Equipped with self-diagnostic tools that help identify any potential problems that may arise, so you’ll have a thorough understanding of the oven’s operation, allowing you to quickly solve any issues that may arise.


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