Why the dishwasher SHEM78Z55N by Bosch is the best ally of the parties at home?


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The dishwasher is certainly a great ally of household chores and your best friend during any party or celebration at home. However, there are still many prejudices, which are far from the truth, when it comes to this appliance.

The first and most unfounded argument is the alleged excessive use of water and energy, followed by the deterioration of the dinnerware. But the truth is quite different. In fact, today’s dishwashers are not only environmentally friendly, but they also take care of the dishes,  prevent your  hands  from deteriorating, and generate harmony between siblings or with your husband because they eliminate the eternal fights about taking turns to do the dishes, and what’s most important, they save you time.

But if these facts don’t convince you, then let us share some figures. Studies conducted about the use of this appliance versus washing the dishes by hand indicate that, during the period of scrubbing, water consumption is on average 88.8 liters daily, out of which 52 liters correspond to hot water. This figure stands out when we compare the water consumption of the dishwasher which is approximately 26 per cent of the total consumption of the house.

This means that with a dishwasher water consumption is reduced to 54.2 liters per day, representing 15.9% of the total consumption, where 24.6 liters per day correspond to hot water. The advantage that this appliance provides is crystal clear.


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The quiet friend we all need at any party

Evidently, choosing a good dishwasher is the key not only to decrease energy consumption, but also to actually have the ally we need at home. But if you’re one of those people who loves celebrations and your house is permanently full of people, either because they live there or they come to visit, then what you need is the dishwasher SHEM78Z55N from the 800 Series by Bosch.

Being highly technological and with a disinfection option, this device offers you a thorough and hygienic cleaning after every washing cycle. That, along with the many washing programs (TouchControl) that vary in terms of time and increase or the final rinsing temperature, will help you get clean dishes that lack any remaining bacteria as quickly as you need it.

One thing you’ll be interested to know is that the dishwasher SHEM78Z55N by Bosch comes with the patented CrystalDry™ technology that transforms humidity into heat to achieve 60% drier dishes, even plastic ones. Another good news about this appliance is that it has a third flexible rack with folding sides, which adds 30% more load capacity that will certainly come in handy during those celebrations at home. To all that we must add the RackMatic® system that offers 3 height levels and 9 possible rack positions. Which means you can wash almost anything in this appliance.

But the best thing about the dishwasher SHEM78Z55N by Bosch is its 42 dBA (noise level), which makes it an ally who does its job going unnoticed since Bosch is the brand with the quietest dishwashers in the U.S. So, the prejudices have been erased with all this information and you already have the facts you needed to be certain of how valuable it is to invest in a good dishwasher.


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