Thermador Pro Grand PRD486WLGU: a range that offers the best of two worlds


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Don’t worry, you no longer have to choose between the benefits of an electric range and the power of gas in your kitchen because the Pro Grand PRD486WLGU range put an end to that discussion. Why? Because Thermador decided to combine the best of both worlds in this appliance.


The truth is that having a range with a professional appearance and operation is the dream of those who love the kitchen but having one that includes the functionalities of an electric appliance is the aspiration of those who are always running against time, typical of today’s life. So, the possibility to have at home an appliance like the Pro Grand PRD486WLGU that, aside from having the powerful star pedestal burners patented by Thermador, is compatible with Wi-Fi smart devices (customized controls, notifications, and remote diagnostics through an app), then we’re looking at a real miracle in terms of innovation.


But having technological features isn’t the only thing that makes this high-end appliance attractive. With a bold and professionally design, this range made of high-quality stainless steel has a pinhole panel lighting concept that provides an aesthetic that’s both functional and elegant.


To the above, we must add as part of its charms, details such as the restaurant-style metal knobs, a double oven with doors for maximum visualization and the brand’s distinctive blue indicator lighting.


Gas: the main character


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Yes, when we think about Thermador, we immediately think about the distinctive star pedestal burners specially designed to offer a professional gas range that’s also easy to clean. But the extraordinary thing about this range is that it offers a surface area that’s perfect for heat distribution, which will allow you to work simultaneously with pans of different sizes, as well as with flames of different powers.


So, since this appliance comes with 6 burners, you’ll be able to prepare recipes that require great power (22,000 BTU), as well as those that require simmering and very low precision (375 BTU) because this range combines both modes.


Similarly, the Pro Grand PRD486WLGU range will also allow you to grill meals, as it has an electric grill of 2,000 watts.


Baking, roasting, cleaning


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A kitchen with two ovens is certainly a wonderful thing. And if both ovens can also be controlled by an electronic display interface, the home chef will be ecstatic.


Both ovens of the Pro Grand PRD486WLGU have, among other things, a cooking timer, CookControl meat probe and a preheating status program with an audible alert, all of which you can program from the TFT interface of the appliance and even from the brand’s app.


The large oven is 5.7 cubic feet, while the small one is 2.5 cubic feet. Each of them has six rack levels to cook multiple items, full-access telescopic racks and an integrated handle with easy grip.


In both ovens you’ll be able to enjoy all the functions with convection, roasting, and self-cleaning and if you still feel that you’re missing something, let’s us tell you that the ovens are Star-K Kosher certified.


So, we’ve nothing further to add but to encourage you to be seduced by the charm of this range that manages to combine the best of two worlds to please that inner chef who’s dying to create wonders in the kitchen.


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