Lumen Island: the floating extractor hood that cleans the air in your kitchen


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Extractor hoods have gone from being the “ugly duckling” of the kitchen to the swan that cleans the air in them. And Lumen Island by  Falmec is proof of that.


This extractor hood made of Scotch Brite AISI 304 stainless-steel, is a piece of art that suctions bad odors and frees the atmosphere of your kitchen from grease while floating gracefully on top of your cooktop or range. This appliance with a minimalist design of simple lines also offers the great beauty and high technology characteristic of this Italian company to please the most refined tastes.


Falmec is an Italian manufacturer of extractor hoods that produces more than 130,000 pieces per year, to be distributed worldwide. The company, which has very demanding quality standards, has consolidated its name in the international market thanks to three important factors.


The first factor is the production of more than 100 models of extractor hoods, in more than 700 different versions. The second, the high-quality materials used in the manufacture of these appliances and the third factor would be the implementation of soundproofing chambers that adapt to each model, transforming its hoods into quiet pieces of art in the kitchen.


So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the hard work and design behind the extractor hood Falmec has been recognized with prestigious awards, including the Red Dot Design Award for Prestige, the Rialtoproducts, the German Design Award and the Archiproducts Design Award.


Lumen Island: the best exampleLa Cuisine International


Lumen Island is a perimeter suction extractor hood with filters made of metal that happen to be removable and washable. So, this appliance is certainly an ally that doesn’t cause any trouble while keeping the kitchen free of smoke and bad smells.


This island-type extractor hood comes with electronic control on both sides of the appliance and LED lighting with low energy consumption and maximum duration, which makes it the perfect candidate to crown any open distribution kitchen. An extractor hood with the elegance of Lumen Island will take center stage in this type of space.


The appliance also has a carbon filter included that offers 4 speed options. Another thing that you’ll be interested to know is that this is a large capacity extractor hood (800 m³/h motor) that guarantees great absorption in large spaces.


Why AISI 304 stainless steel?

One detail that shouldn’t be overlooked about the extractor hoods by Falmec is the fact that they are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. For the company, this is an obvious quality choice, given its vision to offer high-end quality appliances.


However, what you should know is that this material is the only one that is truly stainless due to the nickel that is part of its alloy.


This means that you can install your Lumen Island extractor hood at home regardless of the type of weather, including coastal climates where saltpeter affects the metal because this appliance will pass that test with flying colors. So, if you feel like renovating your kitchen to change something in that place that did so much for you during this pandemic, you already know that this extractor hood that floats above your countertop is an option that you shouldn’t underestimate.


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