We tell you why it’s time to get the washing machine out of the kitchen  


In many homes, the washing machine is in the kitchen due to the convenience and availability of plumbing connections. However, the location of this appliance should not be a decision made lightly, as it can have a huge impact on the efficient management of your household. 

Let’s explore the reasons to consider removing the washing machine from its conventional location and examine alternatives that better suit the needs and characteristics of each area of the home. 

Why is the washing machine usually installed in the kitchen? 

Several practical reasons explain the preference for locating the washing machine in the kitchen. Plumbing and drain connections are often more accessible in the kitchen, and storage space for laundry products is readily available. Although this practice is common, it is crucial to consider the aesthetic and functional integration of the appliance into the overall kitchen design to preserve its durability. 

In many cases, our habits lead us to install the washing machine in the kitchen without reflecting on whether it is the best place. The pre-installation commonly available in the kitchen, along with the convenience of having everything in one space, often dictates this choice. 

Stepping out of the comfort zone 

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Now that you are considering taking it out of this place, where do you put it now? A great alternative is the bathroom, and below we present some advantages that you would have if you choose this location instead of the kitchen. 

  • Locating the washing machine in the bathroom allows laundry to be done directly in the place where dirty clothes are collected, saving time and effort by avoiding transporting the clothes to another area of the house before washing.  
  • The bathroom, being a more isolated area where the door is closed most of the time, minimizes the annoying noises from the washing machine in operation, especially during the spin cycle.  
  • The bathroom already has water outlets and drains, facilitating the installation of the washing machine without the need for significant plumbing modifications.  

Alternatives to the kitchen and bathroom 

If you are still not convinced, try some of the following ideas: 

  • In the stairwell or closet. Taking advantage of these spaces can be an efficient solution, especially in homes with limited space.  
  • If there is easy and convenient access, locating the washing machine in the basement or utility room can be a practical option, avoiding occupying social or private areas of the house.  
  • In larger homes, dedicating a separate room for the laundry area offers a specialized and efficient solution, with space for a washer, dryer, and storage.  

The locations where you should NOT put the washing machine 

Avoid placing the washing machine in the most important areas of the house, such as the living room, dining room, or bedrooms, since preserving the peace of these spaces is essential. In addition, providing a suitable environment, avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures, and ensuring adequate ventilation, will guarantee the efficient and long-lasting performance of the washing machine. 

The choice of where to install the washing machine goes beyond initial convenience. Considering space distribution, aesthetic integration, and the specific needs of the home will offer the efficient operation of the appliance, and harmony in terms of the design and management of the home. Now there is no excuse to give your home a makeover and more functionality in 2024. 


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