The secrets of a smart kitchen




Smart kitchens are the latest in design. Self-cleaning, connected, and beautiful; these are not only a mere compendium of devices, but a technological symphony whose chords are organized to make modern life more comfortable and convenient.

Today designers not only face the challenge of making the kitchen a beautiful space, but they need to integrate esthetics and technology to make the heart of the home a harmonious space. With that in mind, we want to share some tips that will help you in your new challenge.




Refrigerators in WiFi key. U-Line, the leader in the refrigeration segment, has introduced new models of Wi-Fi enabled refrigerators and water and ice dispensers for both indoor and outdoor with an exclusive free app for iOS and Android. Its allows users to control their device from their smartphone or tablet.

The brand that boasts the widest collection of Wi-Fi enabled products claims that its app not only offers the option to control the main functions, but much more.




The coffee maker of dreams. The coffee makers of the Swiss brand Jura are not only beautiful they are also self- cleaning. Concerned about making its famous coffee machines indispensable household appliances in modern homes, Jura has placed a maintenance-free infusion unit with self-cleaning system in each appliance, which is activated with just the push of a button. This function reliably dissolves the coffee fats in the unit and ensures optimal cleaning and hygiene, without needing to remove the infusion set and cleaning it manually.

If this was not enough, the Jura Smart Connect app – available for free on Android and iOS – will not only allow you to make an espresso from your bed using your smartphone or Tablet, but it will also give you the possibility to visualize information about your coffee maker and connect it with other smart appliances in your home.


Fully aligned with Bosch. Imagine that the washing machine gives you suggestions on how to wash a garment, that the refrigerator gives you nutritional recommendations based on the food stored inside it, that the oven sends you a recipe and that you can operate the dishwasher remotely. All these are now a reality thanks to the Bosch Home Connect app.

The app from this German brand will not only put in your home the most sophisticated appliances with state-of-the-art technology, but also connect them to your tablet or smartphone from which you can manage them, turn them on and off with a single click. In addition Home Connect will give you both access to the instruction manual and tips to enjoy the most of your appliances.




Beautiful, energy-saving and smart refrigerators. With its new BluPerformance series, Liebherr puts in the kitchen not only a luxury refrigerator with a sophisticated esthetic, but a first-rate assistant. Imagine that you can program your refrigerator to save energy or better preserve your food, BluPerformance lets you do all this and more.

These innovative Liebherr refrigerators come with a 7-inch screen in which you can choose options such as: Vacation Mode (keeps the degree of cold needed to preserve it from odors); Frost Control, which will tell you quality and duration of the frozen goods in the event of an electric cut; FrostSafe, a system that generates cold above and below each drawer so you don’t have to change food from one drawer to another and MagicEye, which will inform you about the appliance’s operation. They are also the most energy-saving in the market due to their A +++ energy efficiency.

All of these dream appliances are proof that the future is not just around the corner, but right here and now. If you wish it could be inside your own kitchen.


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