Put the washing machine in the right place! 


When it comes to finding the perfect place for the washing machine in your home, the choices can be overwhelming. Should it be in the kitchen, the bathroom, the gallery, or perhaps in a laundry room? 

Each location has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice will ultimately depend on your personal needs and preferences. Here are the top 5 of the best places to locate your laundry area at home, along with their advantages and disadvantages. 

1. Dedicated laundry room 


  • All-in-one: A laundry room allows you to have everything in one place: a washer, dryer, ironing space, and even a sink for soaking clothes. 
  • Organization: You can keep all your laundry needs organized and out of sight, giving your home a tidy look. 
  • Fewer interruptions: By having a laundry room, you can avoid interrupting other activities in the house while doing laundry. 


  • Space required: Not all homes have additional space for a dedicated laundry room.  
  • Investment required: Creating a laundry room can be costly due to the need for additional plumbing and structural space. 

2. Kitchen 


  • Practicality: The kitchen is a practical location for the washing machine, as it generally has the necessary plumbing connections. 
  • Visual integration: Modern-designed washing machines can be visually integrated into the kitchen or hidden behind a cabinet, which gives a feeling of spaciousness. 
  • Easy access: Proximity to the kitchen makes it easy to load and unload the washing machine. 


  • Hygiene: Cooking odors and grease may not be compatible with clean laundry. 
  • Limited space: In small kitchens, finding space for a washing machine can be a challenge. 

3. Gallery or terrace 


  • Not sacrificing interior space: Locating the washing machine on the gallery or terrace avoids the need to sacrifice valuable interior space. 
  • More comfortable washing and drying: This location facilitates the washing and drying of clothes and allows you to have the house free of the noise or the heat generated by these appliances. 


  • Exposure to weather: Unless you have a proper enclosure, the washer may be exposed to rain, wind, and direct sun, which can deteriorate it. 
  • Greater distance: If this space is at the opposite end of the house, putting the laundry in place will become a challenge. 

4. Bathroom 


  • Installations in order: The bathroom already has water outlets, which makes installation easier. 
  • Convenience: You can load the washing machine with the clothes you take off before you take a shower, which saves time and effort. 


  • Lack of space: Bathrooms are often small, and sacrificing space for the washing machine may not be an option. 
  • High humidity levels: Continuous exposure to moisture in the bathroom can damage the washer. 

5. Integrated into a cabinet 


  • Visual integration: You can hide the washing machine behind a “false” cabinet door, which maintains a clean and tidy appearance. 
  • Space saving: It is an excellent choice for small kitchens where saving space is necessary. 


  • Less space: Built-in cabinets can limit storage space. 

So, choosing the location of your washing machine in your home will depend on your specific needs and the space available. Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, gallery, or a dedicated laundry room, make sure your laundry area is convenient and efficient to make the task of doing laundry as easy as possible. 


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