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Every mind is a different universe and each designer’s is almost infinite. Although it seems unlikely, in 2017 it looks as if everyone is agreeing, at least as far as kitchens are concerned. If you take a look at home-dedicated blogs and design magazines you will see that the ruling trend seems to be the modern style. That is: simple and straight lines with classic colors in combination or contrast with some a little more daring. We share some tips that can guide you if you are weighing on remodeling your kitchen and joining the new trends.

The island is here to stay. Every modern kitchen has an isle. However, the material of the worktop will depend on your budget and the style you want to show. Trend specialists confirm that more than 70% of buyers want an island in their kitchen, and in fact, 50% consider it essential. So custom-made, prefabricated, with space for storage or simply for eating and preparing food, the island is the center of contemporary kitchens.




Concrete and wood. Yes, as you are reading, concrete and wood are trending in modern kitchens. The boldest designers combine them to create sophisticated and avant-garde spaces and use them on walls and floors as well as worktops.

Built-in furniture. Another very strong trend for this year in the design of kitchens is shelves and storage furniture fully integrated into the wall. The designs with these cabinets that almost merge into the walls bring a minimalist and elegant style to the kitchen.

Another fresh option is floor-to-ceiling glass cabinets with open shelves. The open shelves also create the illusion that everything they contain is floating, which undoubtedly generates a sense of spaciousness that is sometimes necessary when the space is reduced. As always, it is a matter of tastes and styles.

Tell me what color you like and I’ll tell you what style of cuisine you want. Regarding colors, the KBIS 2017 trend report stated that while white and gray remain firm, the use of blue and black for furniture (and even walls) in this space is becoming more common. And you will be thinking: white kitchen? That’s pure madness! But studies of color reveal that the luminosity that the white color contributes to this space in particular makes the stay in it even more pleasant.

As for designers and architects, they consider that white is easy to combine with natural color woods, granite or concrete, and that therefore it is the color of sophistication par excellence.

However, regarding color, it is the intention what really counts, so it will not be unusual to see how some designers will play with dark gray and black, which they will combine with woods and metals, to add a touch sophistication and luxury to the kitchen.


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Another trend that has been gaining ground is the integration of the dining room / living room into the kitchen. This vision throws down walls and aims to create a space of convergence in which you can share, enjoy a gathering, and cooking at the same time. It also seeks to decongest the area where food is prepared. So, the house has a broad heart and a more welcoming atmosphere that will make daily life more livable.

Whatever your intention will be (remodel or redecorate) remember to use trends that suit both your budget and your taste.


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