From “goodbye” to “hello,” outdated kitchen design trends, and new ones to come  


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The year 2023 is behind us, and with it, some kitchen design trends have moved over to allow the entrance of fresh and exciting new ideas for 2024. Whether you’re a design lover, an interior designer, or an architect, or if you are simply looking to reinvent your culinary space, here are four trends that are leaving our lives, and new ones that we are welcoming in the new year. 

1. Open, and semi-open kitchens, a concept that is being revamped 

Closed kitchens have lost ground in the face of the supremacy of open or semi-open kitchens. This has led to the integration of spaces, which has become the central focus of kitchen design, and in 2024 this will be even more evident. 

Experts say that versatility, the ability to combine or separate rooms as needed, is the trend that will prevail for the time being. Thus, in 2024, the semi-open concept is becoming popular, providing a subtle but effective separation between spaces. 

2. Wood that isn’t wood 

2024 presents a change when it comes to kitchen flooring, with wood finishes taking center stage. Despite the maintenance challenges this material can present, porcelain, sintered stone, laminate, and wood-finish vinyl stand out in this year’s trends. 

These floors offer durability and a warm and welcoming aesthetic. In addition, continuous flooring throughout the house remains the ideal choice for creating harmonious and decorative environments. 

3. From industrial closures to minimalism 

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Glazing or glass walls are still fashionable, but the industrial aesthetic of black iron with exposed welds gives way to a lighter, more delicate approach: wood and aluminum closures. 

Thinner profiles and white colors or natural tones are positioned as the new preference. This change adds a touch of minimalism and elegance to the spaces. 

4. Bye monochromatic, hello white and wood 

Monochromatic kitchens, although still trendy, will see a change in the color palette where the white-wood duo rises as the preferred combination. 

Furniture in two finishes with lower spaces in one tone and upper ones in another, becomes a perfect resource for integrating the kitchen decor with the living room. This approach creates visual harmony and unifies the two spaces without sacrificing style. 

2024 promises to be an exciting year in terms of kitchen design, as functionality combines with aesthetics to create unique and inviting spaces. As we say goodbye to some trends, we welcome new ideas that will transform the way we conceive our kitchens. Get ready for a year full of innovation and creativity in the heart of your home! 


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