4 Tips to have a trendy kitchen


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Having a kitchen with the latest trends isn’t something difficult; it’s just a matter of adapting the space and making a few changes and additions.


That’s why we have prepared a list of 4 tips that’ll allow you to turn this space into the trendiest area of your home:



1-The kitchen: a multipurpose space

With the rise of open kitchens and the surprising arrival of the pandemic, the kitchen is no longer an overlooked area, where you only go to grab food or eat. New trends are tipping the balance towards the heart of the home, thus becoming an increasingly multipurpose space.


How is this achieved? Simply by erasing the barriers that separate it from the dining room or living room. In this sense, merging both areas by using colors, incorporating design elements, and integrating appliances are the main tips to achieving harmonious uniformity.


Likewise, you must remember that today, the kitchen also serves as a workspace. Therefore, in addition to aesthetics, it is important to think about functionality.


So, it’s a good idea to consider both the need to install electrical outlets that allow charging phones and computers, as well as comfortable chairs that facilitate teleworking in this room. All this can be done with good taste, discreetly, with some imagination and a lot of common sense.


2-Add an ecological touch

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Going green in the kitchen, and in the home in general, is not a trend anymore, but a necessity that we must satisfy. Choosing energy-efficient appliances and sustainable materials with water-based finishes or varnishes are two actions that add up in the race to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment.


In this regard, wooded furniture and granite, stoneware, or terrazzo in the countertops are additions that contribute to making the difference. In addition, these materials can be easily combined when you have open environments.



3-Include bucolic ingredients

Having a green touch in the kitchen has been fashionable for quite some time. But we’re not talking about simply including decorative flowers; it’s more than that.


The introduction of plants to this space of the home has to be something well thought out and above all practical. It is a fact that green ornaments in the kitchen bring a touch of color and joy, regardless of their style. But if you also do it using aromatic herbs that grow in pots, then we are talking about fresh seasonings, which add a special aroma to the environment and a delicious touch to your food.


In this case, it’s ideal to choose small and fast-growing plants (marjoram, tarragon, basil, mint, stevia, etc.) because aside from adding a special decorative touch, you don’t have to purchase them at the supermarket anymore, which is very practical.


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