ALFA FX5MIN-LRAM-T brings elegance to the art of wood-fired cooking  


The ALFA FX5MIN-LRAM-T wood-fired countertop pizza oven is a treasure in this gastronomic journey, captivating everyone who witnesses its operation. That is because having a designer kitchen is a standard for this Italian brand that creates efficient, and durable appliances so you can create true gastronomic masterpieces. 

This oven is designed to consume less wood, combining efficiency with respect for the environment. Its sustainable approach not only aligns the ALFA FX5MIN-LRAM-T with current eco-friendly design trends but also highlights its commitment to culinary excellence without leaving a footprint on our planet. 

Temperature indicator and an elegant door 

Sophistication is in the details, and this oven proves it with its temperature indicator and single-handle door. This gauge provides precise control, allowing you to master the art of wood-fired cooking and achieve consistent results. 

In addition, the single-handle, ergonomic door adds a touch of elegance to this exceptional oven. 

More space than you think 

With 465 square inches of cooking space, the ALFA FX5MIN-LRAM-T presents itself as a culinary canvas where your dishes come to life. Its capacity to hold approximately 2 pizzas or 4.4 pounds of bread per load makes it the perfect companion for intimate gatherings or family celebrations. 

Although it may not look like it, this oven not only cooks your food but also gives you the possibility to enjoy more conversation time while cooking, allowing you to create memories around the table. 

A high-resistance copper finish 

The refined aesthetics of the ALFA FX5MIN-LRAM-T are enhanced by its elegant powder-coated copper finish, designed to withstand the highest temperatures. This distinctive touch not only adds a note of luxury but also ensures that the oven retains its beauty and functionality over time, withstanding the rigors of high-temperature cooking. 

In sum, this oven offers the perfect combination of design, functionality, and capacity. This wood-fired pizza oven not only blends harmoniously into any outdoor kitchen design but also elevates the culinary experience to new heights, making every pizza a masterpiece and every meal a celebration. 


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