Kindred: Stainless Steel Sink Bottom Protector Grid, 14 x 16 "

Kindred has been in the sink business a very long time - more than 65 years in Canada, and over 100 years globally. By anyone's measure, that's a lot of expertise, innovation and quality.
Kindred’s sinks and accessories are designed to make your life easier, representing the utmost in quality and reliability.
Kindred never stops experimenting with the latest materials and technology, exploring innovative ideas and designs that bring the world’s best sink selection to you.
Kindred, another brand represented by La Cuisine Appliances, presents the finishing touch for your Kindred sink. Fewer household appliances get used more often in a day than your kitchen sink and accesories. Colour-matched accesories perfectly complement our Kindred sinks, manufactured with high quality materials that offers durability and match with undermount, drop-in, farmer's style and composite granite sinks, the choices are endless. A well-engineered accesories made with high-quality components makes life in the kitchen so much simpler. You will find a multitude of sinks, faucets and accesories to fit your needs, your style and your budget.

The Kindred 35 x 40 cm / 14 x 16 " sink bottom protector grid, , made in stainless steel, will simplify your life, helping compliment your kitchen sink area and protect your sink bowl from scratches.
This product features a polished stainless steel wire bottom grid, with opening for sink strainer, rubber feet and side bumpers.

Kindred: Making your busy life simpler

More Information
Color Black
Brand Kindred
Discontinue Item N/A
Main Feature Polished stainless steel wire bottom grid, with opening for sink strainer.
Wattage N/A
Hinge N/A
Diameter N/A
Width 16
Kgs N/A
Volume N/A
Rebate Available No
Instagram Hash Tag N/A
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