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Thermador certainly understands that cooking is a creative expression that requires freedom. In fact, we become artists in the kitchen, and for that reason, offering the independence that allows you to create the best dishes in its 30″ Masterpiece Freedom Induction Cooktop, has been a great achievement for this brand used to interacting with internationally renowned chefs (read 13 Chefs and one mission: enjoying the good table at Cayman Cookout). A frameless induction cooktop, without any space restrictions for your pots and pans or creative boundaries for your culinary talents.

The technology at the service of art has provided great possibilities for the discovery of new techniques, among which are the 3D printers used in sculptures and modeling, digital applications to improve photography, and illustration programs to help artists and painters.

Following this same path, Thermador now offers culinary creators the opportunity to cook on a safe and limitless induction cooktop. This means that your pots won’t be confined to a single place in the kitchen, you’ll be able to move them freely, transferring the heat immediately from one place of the cooktop to another.


Freedom of movement and control while you cook

The 30″ Masterpiece Freedom Induction Cooktop has a full color digital control panel that shows -and controls- the temperature, cooking time and time remaining, as well as the heat level of the surface you are working on. That translates into full control of your product.

As you can imagine, all these settings will be transferred to the new cooking area automatically, so if you want to move the pot or pan to another place on the cooktop, you can do it without inconveniences. All this thanks to 48 induction elements combined with pot detection that automatically recognize the size, shape, and position of the utensils on the cooktop.

That way you’ll be able to take full advantage of the space, cook more comfortably, and even include up to 5 different preparations or dishes simultaneously, each with its own specifications.

As part of that control, the induction cooktop automatically turns off in the indicated region after the preset time period, which prevents overcooking. The appliance also measures the temperature inside the pot through a sensor, intuitively adjusting the temperature and amount of heat. Not bad, right?


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Elegant and smart

The new 30″ Masterpiece Freedom Induction Cooktop is one of the largest induction cooktops on the market for household use. Besides, it comes with Thermador’s signature of elegant design and simplicity of lines. A discreet dark grey and LED illumination on the edges -only in areas that remain warm after you finish cooking- are the characteristic touches of this appliance that is crowned, as we said, by a luxurious full color control panel.

To all of the above we must add two technological innovations: TeppanyakiPro®, which identifies and divides the Teppanyaki grill plate into two zones (one heated and one non-heated to keep the food safe from overcooking) and PowerBoost®, which increases heat power by 50%, saving time to heat up dishes with large quantities of liquid.

Of course, all the technology Thermador puts at your disposal in its 30″ Masterpiece Freedom Induction Cooktop has the right connectivity so you can operate your induction cooktop remotely.

So, as if we were talking about a clean canvas, feel the creative freedom to cook without limitations, but as safe as possible, with the technology that only Thermador can offer.


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