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Choosing a refrigerator has become a complex decision nowadays. For that precise reason Bosch stands out with its new refrigerator, whose main feature should be the norm when it comes to the most important criterion regarding this appliance: protecting the quality of your food.

The glass-door refrigerator B10CB81NVW from the 800 series by Bosch puts the emphasis on protecting food quality. All the technology of a brand recognized worldwide for its high standards, this time is focused on preserving the flavors, colors, aromas, and nutritional properties of your food at home.

Playing with temperatures

Perhaps the newest element of this 800 Series refrigerator by Bosch is the capacity to regulate the temperature and its quick cold recovery. Usually, new items introduced in the refrigerator have a higher temperature than those already stored in the appliance, and this temperature imbalance affects the quality of the food already stored, altering its taste, smell, and in some cases, even its nutritional properties.

In addition, this temperature change requires more effort from the compressor to level up again, causing higher energy consumption as a result. But the SuperCool®  function is responsible for fixing this as it quickly lowers the temperature inside the refrigerator to isolate food, preventing the possible damage caused by the temperature change, while it cools new food faster, restoring balance.

The SuperCool® function works on demand by pressing a button on the front panel of the refrigerator and turning off automatically after six hours to save energy.


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More space, more visibility

Have you ever felt frustrated because you had a beautifully served tray that didn’t fit in the refrigerator? Aside from all the trouble caused by having to move around products back and forth, having containers almost hanging on the sides and the vision of an imminent disaster about to happen…Well, that’s all a thing of the past with this  800 Series refrigerator by Bosch. The shelves and drawers are wider than what other models on the market have to offer, allowing you to accommodate large trays or dishes without stress.

Another advantage of this appliance is the visibility. With LED lighting panels on doors and the entire interior -both in the refrigerator and the freezer- and an air circulation system with MultiAirFlow® technology that keeps the drawers untainted, the user has a clear view of all the food. Even what you have in the freezer! So you won’t forget your frozen food for months because it was left in the back corner of your freezer.


All connected

Bosch includes the Home Connect technology in all its products, which allows you to control your appliances remotely. And as you could imagine, this appliance is no exception.

In terms of the design of the refrigerator B10CB81NVW from the 800 Series by Bosch, we can say that it’s a white-fiberglass-door refrigerator, with the freezer as the bottom cabinet, which fits into the decoration of any kitchen due to its elegant and functional lines.

The opening of the doors can be adapted to the needs of the user and has an alarm system to alert when they aren’t properly closed.

Like all products manufactured by Bosch, the refrigerator B10CB81NVW from the 800 Series has been tested and certified for its high levels of quality and energy efficiency, and also offers the technical service that the brand traditionally provides to its customers.


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