Liebherr has been the world leading company in PREMIUM cooling system for over sixty years. Besides its luxury features, we are really proud of representing a brand awarded for its features and apartment beauty.

We congratulate all of our work team specially the Vice president of Liebherr Refrigeration in America, Josef Steigmiller. ‘Liebherr is proud of being famous for our fancy design; although it is a small sophisticated product, it is still perfect for an urban luxury apartment’, asserted the executive for the media as a result of the award.
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The refrigerator and freezer tower Liebherr CS 1360 24 is especially designed for small but classy urban buildings. We are fans of attractive beveled edges and SmartStell finish as much as we enjoy Duocooling smart feature, creating ideal conditions in both refrigerator and freezer to make useful life of the product longer, resulting in a healthier life.

Preserving flavors and textures is now possible thanks to the SuperCool feature, guaranteeing cool food for a longer period of time. Additionally, by using the SupeFrost feature, an automatic food freezing occurs to preserve its vitamins, flavor and, of course, its appearance in a better way. ‘With arich European heritage, Liebherr products are famous for being innovative and for their modern design’, asserted Steigmiller.

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