Faber built-in hoods: efficient but invisible

Faber’s built-in hoods deliver maximum efficiency and performance… discreetly. Hidden within a cabinet, they add a touch of originality to all styles of kitchen, especially the more modern.

Island Hoods

Form and function are fully integrated in all Faber island hoods. Maximum suction, minimum noise, attractive design and easy cleaning make these hoods a pleasure to behold and use.

Wall Mounted Hoods

Faber’s high-performance wall hoods are easy to install and use. Whether futuristic, modern or traditional, the innovative exteriors of these hoods conceal unrivalled performance. Faber wall hoods are designed and made to satisfy all possible requirements for style, practicality and functionality. They even incorporate a system for diffusing bright, uniform light for a clear, shadow-free view of the hob beneath.


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