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Until now, the glamour and the best workstation designs in kitchens were reserved for large size and heavy-traffic kitchens, but that’s an outdated idea for The Galley. For this brand, every kitchen deserves a sophisticated and practical space that allows it to shine on special occasions regardless of its size.


The Ideal Workstation 3S is a workstation for the kitchen, ideal for high-end tourist apartments, university residences/dorms, offices, or studio apartments that don’t have a large space and appeal to minimalism to maintain a sense of organization and multi-functionality. This presentation of the magical system created by The Galley has all the accessories of the brand, which also allows users to customize their equipment according to their needs.



All for one


First, The Galley‘s Ideal Workstation 3S features a bowl to wash the dishes and other functions, plus a tray that provides the perfect space for a single user. The unit’s interior is made of stainless steel to withstand frequent use and the most inhospitable conditions, as this is also perfect for outdoor installations.


Important fact: this Workstation includes a reversible drainage system with its cover/lid and SilentArmor technology for maximum sound reduction.


Besides, the system of The Galley‘s Ideal Workstation 3S includes five tools to get the most out of the workstation: a stainless steel colander that fits perfectly into the removable base, a salad mixing bowl, also made of stainless steel with a lid to match the system, an upper-tier drying rack, a cutting board to match the system, and an upper-deck section to close the system when you’re not using it, providing the appearance of a smooth, high-temperature-resistant lid.


iws 3 stainless steel cleanup kitchen sink graphite wood composite culinary kit orig


Beauty and endurance


The Galley’s workstations come in a variety of presentations and the Ideal Workstation 3S is no exception. The upper-tiers and boards can be installed to match the kitchen decoration in four different finishes: graphite and wood composite in matte black for a sleek and sophisticated look, natural golden bamboo for a more organic and warm finish, white resin for a more spacious and luminous effect and the exclusive gray resin, perfect for modern décor.


The space and versatility solutions offered by The Galley workstations are infinite and adapt to the requirements of any user. As you can see, the glamour of workstations is not just for large kitchens, just find the Ideal Workstation that fits your kitchen, and voilà.


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