Why should you have an ice machine at home?


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This time of confinement at home taught us that aside from having appliances that not only simplify our lives, we must have those that make it more pleasant such as ice making machines. It may sound a bit superficial, but let’s think back to that very moment of the lockdown when you needed to relax and dreamed of a juice or a mojito with those little, easy-to-crush ice cubes, and you couldn’t go out to get them. Ready? Do you remember? Yes? Well, now you understand.

However, the decision to acquire an ice machine for your home must be made keeping some things in mind. While these appliances also make life easier, since they are extremely practical, it’s important to choose one that produces quality ice. This is where you may wonder how do you know that?

Below are 6 guidelines that will help you in your search within the broad offer of the market.

  1. Make sure the machine makes cubes of different sizes so you can use them in different containers. While this recommendation is a classic, perhaps this depends on your taste. In the market there are machines specialized in making ice nuggets, which are the favorites of those who love cocktails or fruit juices with small ice.
  2. Verify that the machine is able to produce a good number of cubes a day. At least 5-10 kilos every 24 hours.
  3. Choose one with automatic cleaning.
  4. Prefer those with a timer.
  5. Consider the noise level.
  6. Do not overlook energy consumption.


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What ice lovers need at home

The Brilliance® Nugget Ice Machine by Scotsman is by far the answer to those who want to have a real ice machine at home. This brand introduced the ice in nuggets in 1981 as an answer to those who enjoy not only cold drinks, but also to crush their ice.

Thus, this ice making machine will not only offer you relaxing moments but also will allow you to create drinks and practice the art of cocktail-making at home. This means that this appliance will become the center of your dinners and family events. The reason for this is the quality of its final product: soft and compacted ice in the shape of a classic nugget, which is easy to chew, fun to crush, absorbs the flavors of beverages and cools them quickly.

The model SCN60 of the brand, is perfect to have in your kitchen either as an individual appliance, under the counter or even as part of your outdoor grill space because it is made of stainless-steel. The device that measures 15 inches, produces up to 80 pounds of ice in 24 hours.

The appliances from the Brilliance® series by Scotsman feature an easy-to-use control panel. It has a LED light that indicates when the unit is on, has water or the machine needs cleaning. It also has an illuminated container and a robust hinge system. With efficient energy and water management, this model (uses 50% less energy and 33% less water compared to other models) can come with a built-in drainage pump.

The brand also offers options adaptable to your kitchen style. An example is the SU model, which comes with an unfinished front panel. This will allow you, upon agreement with the distributor, to choose between the different finishes that Scotsman® offers.

So, if you had already decided to buy an ice machine for your home and couldn’t make up your mind, you already have the necessary parameters to choose the one that will allow you to prepare those iced drinks that you love so much and offer you the best performance in the market.


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