Why should you choose a stainless-steel sink?


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Choosing a stainless-steel sink is always a wise decision. Specially now when everything has changed, including the materials used in the kitchen, but if there is one thing that seems to be permanent in this room of the home is the use of stainless-steel, and we will explain why.

Stainless-steel is a noble material that is a great ally in the kitchen. The main reason why brands of appliances, faucets, cookware, and utensils prefer it is due to its capacity to last over time and its unbeatable strength to resist the effect of the elements. These reasons turn it into the ideal material to equip  kitchens, both  indoors  and outdoors.

However, it is precisely in the kitchen where this material performs the best and offers its greatest advantages. Why? Because it is a space of the home that experiences high traffic, thus requiring extreme care for the preparation of food and food management. At this point is when stainless-steel becomes the “super ally,” since this material includes among its superpowers the capacity of offer hygiene and ease of maintenance to the kitchen.

What do stainless-steel sinks have that others don’t?

Considering the above, it is easy to understand why in most houses, regardless of the design, the stainless-steel sink rules. Sinks manufactured in this material also have more competitive prices than other materials, and offer the advantage of having  great durability, resistance, and beauty, aside from the fact that these sinks fit perfectly into any kitchen style.

But beyond their timeless aesthetic, as we already said, the real advantages that this type of sink offer are the ability to withstand heat well and being hygienic, not only because they are quite easy to clean but also because they do not retain bacteria.

Also, they won’t be damaged by cleaning products or stained with  groceries. Even so, a good habit to acquire in order to care for them is to always clean them inside and out with a soft cloth at the end of the day. This will prevent stains and lime deposits. 


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Choosing the option that better suits you

Today there are countless models of sinks. So choosing the one that suits your kitchen comes after considering aspects such as measurements, formats, and types of installation. But, if you already believe that the stainless-steel option is the best for your home, you can also consider the different finishes that brands have given to this appliance, which can help you give a distinctive look to the style of your kitchen.

A brand with a broad spectrum of models is Franke. Specialists in faucets and bowls for sinks, they use the most resistant stainless-steel in the manufacture of their products. Also, they equip them with what they modestly call “small” details, which are actually advanced systems that guarantee their extraordinary quality evident in elements such as the basket valve and discrete waste kits.

Known because their stainless-steel bowls are one of the  deepest on the market, these come with  acoustic and thermal insulation, which not only reduces the sound of water falling into the  same, but also keeps liquids warm longer if that  is what you need. As if that wasn’t enough, the sinks manufactured by Franke come with a pop-up valve with push button that will allow you to empty the bowl without having to  put your hands in a sink filled with dirty water.

In this sense, the brand has among its wide range of options two bowls that are a classic and that can fit into any design: Franke Box BXX 210-68 and the Franke FSX 210. Rectangular in design, both options are only different in terms of their size, which gives you the opportunity to choose the most appropriate for you.

The Box BXX 210-68 bowl allows three installation possibilities: recessed, under the countertop and flushed for 80 cm furniture. The total measurements of this model are 72.5 x 45 cm. However, we can tell you that the bowl is 68.5 cm wide, 41 long and 20 cm deep. Additionally, it comes with accessories such as: Integrated 3 ½” and 31″ valve with basket, strainer and perimetral premium overflow.

On the other hand, the FSX 210, although smaller (18 cm deep, 45.8 cm wide and 58 cm long), it’s suitable for 60 cm furniture (80 if it’s installed next to the wall). As the previous model, it comes with integrated 3 ½” valve with basket and strainer.

An additional fact about Franke that you may be interested to know is that the  stainless-steel they use in their sinks is an AISI 304,which contains a high ratio of nickel (10%) and chromium (18%) that provide it with greater resistance to corrosion, temperature, and inertia against external agents. In addition, other manufacturers use pre-polished stainless-steel sheets, while Franke applies an additional polishing process to its sinks, which guarantees that the appliances  maintain their attractive appearance longer. So, if choosing a stainless-steel sink was already an excellent investment, choosing one manufactured by this brand  is to go a step further.


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