Why marry a Thermador refrigerator?


Thermador refrigeration freedom collection

Some decisions last a lifetime, or at least a few years. And nothing is closer to the “I do” we give when we get married than choosing a refrigerator for your home.


This must be the most serious choice to be made regarding your house, and one that implies considering multiple factors. But, as in any relationship destined to last, it is the passage of time that proves the durability of the materials, the quality of the appliance, and the adaptability of its technology in our daily lives.


That’s why on this occasion, we want to introduce you to a luxury, compact, and high-performance candidate. We believe that, after you get to know it, you won’t think twice about purchasing this appliance.



A blind date with your refrigerator


Just imagine you are going on a blind date because we’ll begin by talking about looks.


With sleek, and elegant lines along with a minimalist design finished in stainless steel, internally and externally, the refrigerator (T36IR905SP) from Thermador’s Freedom collection is a gem. Featuring a single door with a reversible hinge, it has the ideal size for small spaces or to become the companion to one of Thermador’s famous refrigeration columns. At 610 mm deep, and 908 mm wide, it is the perfect refrigerator to fit into any space.


Thermador Refrigeration white cabinets captioned def
Thermador Refrigeration


And you may wonder why this could be the ideal candidate for your kitchen. Well, because aside from being an appliance that can perfectly match the style of your kitchen (its panels can be customized), it has a high-tech cooling system that distributes cold air evenly and quickly.


Did we already mention the hinges? SoftClose® technology is included in the manufacture of its doors, so you won’t perceive when they close as the mechanism is extremely delicate, and the same goes for its drawers.


With this refrigerator, you can forget about putting larger items in the back. Its shelving system has been redesigned specifically to accommodate larger items. And on its door, you have several options for storing a variety of products.


 Other features up its sleeve Do you like what we’ve told you about this device so far? Well, get ready because there’s more. This refrigerator comes with the ThermaFresh System to keep your vegetables and food fresh. This refrigeration technology is responsible for internally controlling the humidity and temperature individually through its TFT touchscreen. In addition, you can purchase a range of accessories that will allow you to fully customize it to your needs.

And last but not least, we must talk about this family of appliances, because we know that when you get married you marry the in-laws as well.


Since 1916, Thermador has been devoted to creating luxury appliances of exceptional character. They have turned column refrigerator designs into intimate and personal appliances because they have a passion for the kitchen that’s evident in each of their creations.


What is left for us to say? That we are in the mood for love, and this would be the right decision. So dare to bring this refrigerator home because it’ll make your beloved kitchen happy.


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