Why are flex induction cooktops trendy?


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Flex induction cooktops are the most modern and attractive cooktops on the market today. These are basically induction cooktops with free zones since this smart appliance detects the size and shape of the pot or pan being used and heats up specifically the surface where the container is placed.

This obviously offers countless advantages. The main one is that you can cook many things at the same time because the space allows it. Simply put, it’s an ideal solution for large families or people with heavy use of the kitchen.

Also, depending on the brand and model, you can have pots or pans with different temperatures or the same for the whole area on these cooktops. Which means that you could heat up the water for the coffee in one area and on the next place a small pot with a sauce to simmer, all in the same space.

A world of advantages in the kitchen

Today many architects and designers are inclined to choose or recommend this type of cooktop when they design a kitchen due to 3 main reasons:

  1. As we already mentioned, in this type of kitchen you can use pots and pans of any shape and size as long as these are suitable, since not all materials are appropriate for induction cooktops. They also allow you to cook with more than one utensil in the same area, which is certainly a great advantage when it comes to quickly cooking several things at the same time.
  2. Energy savings, since this equipment only heats up the area where it detects a pot or pan, thus consuming less energy.
  3. And as if that wasn’t enough, you can cook more safely in these cooktops and they are easy to clean.


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The top of the category

When it comes to flex induction cooktops, the model  CX492610, from the 400 series by Gaggenau certainly has plenty of advantages over its competition. The first, and perhaps one of the most important, is the size of its surface: 36″ (90 cm wide), which aside from its unique cooking space, will allow you to use kitchen utensils as small as 3″ and as large as 13″ x 21″. In short, you can have up to 6 pots simultaneously on your cooktop.

This appliance has an intuitive color TFT graphic touch screen that will allow you to control more than 17 levels of output power. Also, it offers 6 functions (cooking sensor, professional cooking, dynamic cooking, Teppan Yaki, reinforcement for pots and pans and heating). This cooktop that is able to detect each utensil on its surface, has a cooking timer for each position and a stopwatch.

Its safety system comes with functions such as residual heat indicator, child lock, safety lock and pause function. If you hadn’t considered purchasing one of these appliances before reading this article, we are certain that now you will think about it.


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