What you didn’t know that could be done in your oven and how you can do it with Thermador


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We must admit it. Many of our appliances are underused, especially when it comes to ovens. That’s why Thermador aims at providing its convection and steam ovens with many virtues, without you even finding out about it.

You’ll certainly wonder, “what could my oven do that it hasn’t done yet?”. It happens that, thanks to the combination of steam and convection cooking, the oven Masterpiece® MES301HS provides professional finishes to dishes such as the Christmas turkey or piglet. It also comes with 40Easy Cook® food programs along with the preprogrammed modes that automatically set the temperature and humidity of the oven, depending on what is being cooked, guarantee the perfect results for cakes, pizzas, and even a very delicate roast beef.[ Up until now, everything is within what is expected. Right?

But, would you believe us if we told you that you could make bread or pizza in less time because this oven can accelerate the process of the growth of the dough, and can even help you make that yogurt using your grandmother’s recipe? Well, even if you can’t believe it, here we share some of the ways you didn’t know you could use the oven Masterpiece®MES301HS.

La Cuisine International

The perfect poached eggs

Grandmothers are the only ones who could estimate the right time to make hard-boiled or poached eggs. They were able to calculate the time perfectly, even though they didn’t use a timer or any other modern device. Well, the oven Masterpiece®MES301HS will allow you to prepare any of the two dishes because it’s a steam oven, so it doesn’t need hot water and this option along with the friendly programming included in it will save you the trouble.

Baked Yogurt

Use the Proof Mode that allows you to use milk and steam to prepare your granny’s recipe of yogurt with strawberries. After the oven does its job, store it in the refrigerator overnight. And the next day, voila! Surprise your family with a creamy yogurt for breakfast or as a snack.

Bread or pizza at the speed of light

All recipes for the preparation of the dough for bread or pizza ask you to knead well and let the dough rest so it can grow. Well, waiting is no longer necessary. The oven Masterpiece® MES301HS allows you to duplicate your dough in record time.

You just need to place the dough in the steam oven, select the Proof Mode, and the dough will grow in half the time the recipe indicates. Isn’t that wonderful news?

Meatballs to die for

The Masterpiece® MES301HS is the best culinary tool you can have in the house. Why? Because it’s a steam and convection oven that offers kitchen lovers three cooking options: steam, true convection and steam, and convection.

The steam and convection mode, for example, prevent the meatballs from crushing or sticking to the skillet; it also makes them cook in their juice. This is great news for those who love to incorporate them into spaghetti sauce.


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