What Bosch, Smeg, Thermador, and Jura suggest what you can get for your kitchen as a Christmas gift


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Including our kitchen, in the letter we send to Santa asking for Christmas gifts is an act of justice. Just think about it, out of all the areas of the house this is the one where most visits take place, and therefore, it should be kept tidy and clean, right?


Also, let’s be practical. Everything that benefits or improves this area of the home, has a direct impact on those who live in it. So, take note of what brands like Bosch, Smeg, Thermador, and Jura have to offer your kitchen this Christmas.


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Bosch: Take a break; we’ll wash and dry the dishes

Bosch is a brand that always has one foot in the future. For generations, their appliances have turned the kitchen into a user-friendly place thanks to the technology they include to make our lives easier.


But what does Bosch have to offer this Christmas to your kitchen? Well, their dishwashers. Easy to install, ideal for built-in installation, large or compact, these appliances are a combination of efficiency, design, and discretion. An example of this is the SHPM65Z52N dishwasher, from the 500 series. Why? Well, because aside from being one of the quietest on the market, it also dries the dishes well, and doesn’t leave those ugly water stains on glasses and silverware. All that means that we are in the presence of the new best friend of our kitchen since it will free you from the tedious task of doing the dishes.


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Smeg: Brings a distinctive touch

Whether your kitchen has a specific style or not, there’s no doubt that Smeg can bring a distinctive touch to it. Whether you dare to acquire one of their ranges, ovens, or vintage extractor hoods from the Coloniale line or you choose one of their teapots, toasters, or refrigerators from the 50’s Style aesthetics, this brand will certainly make the difference in terms of style.


What does Smeg suggest as a gift for your kitchen? Well, nothing more and nothing less than one of its emblematic FAB28 refrigerators. Why? Well, because with this retro aesthetics, modern technology, and efficient energy consumption appliance, you’ll add 21st-century cooling technology with a touch of character and distinction to this space of the home, which will turn it into a unique place.


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Thermador: Cook as you please

Thermador makes you a proposal that you won’t be able to refuse: a cooktop that will allow you to cook as you please. Its  36″Freedom® induction cooktop is a very modern appliance that offers you the possibility of cooking using up to 6 pots or pans simultaneously in any position and controlling everything through a full-color touch screen.


As if that wasn’t enough, this appliance can be connected to smart devices via Wi-Fi to allow personalized control, receive notifications and even diagnose its status through the Home Connect application.


La Cuisine International


Jura: We wake you up with the coffee of your dreams

Waking up and finding that fresh coffee that brings you back to life in the kitchen is the proposal that Jura brings to the Christmas wish list for the kitchen. The new version of its famous automatic coffee machine ENA 8 has everything to make this possible.


But if the promise of having at home, 24/7, the coffee that only a barista can offer, doesn’t seem enough, this brand assures you that with the ENA 8 you’ll have 10 different specialties available with just the touch of a button. Ristretto, espresso, American coffee, cappuccino, espresso doppio, macchiato, latte macchiato, and flat white, are just some of the options that you can choose from the comfort of your bed, through the Jura J.O.E.® experience application, which will allow you to prepare a cup of coffee from your phone.


So, tell Santa that your kitchen was a good girl this year and include in your wish list any of these wonderful gifts that your kitchen and your family will certainly appreciate.


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