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High-quality coffee is no longer the privilege of exclusive locations. With its WE8,  Jura makes it possible for everyone to become a barista and serve their guests or colleagues the best coffee on a daily basis.


Good coffee is not just a beverage. It has become an experience that, aside from impacting all the senses, also has a very important social meaning. For this reason, offices or workplaces that offer employees the opportunity to enjoy a good coffee have higher performance, and there’s evidence of an increase in sales in stores where the aroma of a good coffee is enjoyed.


It is not unreasonable then, to make a good investment in a coffee machine that offers users the pleasure of a good cup to accompany a productive and relaxed conversation.


La Cuisine International



To please the palate


Jura has made sure that to enjoy a good coffee based on your preferences, all you have to do is press a button. The WE8 can produce 25 servings of 12 different beverages, which can be prepared by activating the One-Touch function.


Macchiato, Cappuccino, or white latte are just some of the varieties available. To ensure a strong and consistent aroma, this coffee machine features the six-level AromaG3 technology that grinds the beans at the time of brewing to the right size to extract the best aroma and flavor.


The WE8 is also equipped with Jura’s traditional P.E.P (Pulse Extraction Process) technology to extract the liquid at the right time and intervals, giving consistency and depth to the flavors of espressos and ristrettos. When it comes to the milk froth, the temperature control ensures that it is light and served in the correct proportion according to the coffee variety being prepared.



To please the eye


The design of the WE8 is a treat in itself. This is a compact coffee machine with very slim and elegant lines that fits easily into the decoration of the environment where it’s placed. It has a front panel where the user can choose the beverage, see how it is prepared and control the entire process: from the number of beans to be ground, to the type of coffee, and the size of the cup in which it will be served.


Certainly, having a WE8 at home or at the office is a solid investment and a gift for those who enjoy good coffee.


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