Verso by Falmec, a decorative extractor hood with all the potential


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Don’t let the term “decorative” confuse you, because an extractor hood like the model Verso by Falmec is not just another ornament in your kitchen. What happens is that this key appliance created to prevent odors from flooding this room of the home has undergone a major transformation over the last decade, becoming a designer appliance, equipped with high technology.


So don’t let its avant-garde shape fool you. Because despite that, and especially in the case of Verso, this type of extractor hood still maintains its main function, which is to preserve a smoke-free environment.


Verso’s vertical style can take your breath away. Yes, it looks like a plasma TV, so its excellent performance is not understood.


But the Verso model, in addition to looking radiant on the outside, is one of the most efficient decorative kitchen extractor hoods on the market. Why do we say that? Keep reading and you’ll understand.


Not just another beautiful extractor hood

This extractor hood equipped with 4 speeds (including its intensive mode at maximum power) is a gem for your kitchen. And we are not referring to how beautiful it is, but to the design/performance ratio, it will offer to this area of the house.


Also, this Class A energy-efficient appliance has a feature you will love. The delayed shut-off function will leave the extractor hood running for a few minutes (15) after you finish cooking to evacuate the remaining odors still present in the room.


To do an excellent job with fumes and odors, a decorative kitchen extractor hood must have efficient filters. This equipment comes with 2 grease filters, one metallic, removable, and dishwasher-safe, and another one made of activated carbon (you can include a third reusable combined filter: Carbon. Zeo). Additionally, this extractor hood has a saturation indicator that will remind you when to clean them to ensure that the filters always perform as expected.


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The beauty of silence

Noise levels are one of the big concerns about kitchen extractor hoods. Fortunately, Verso is not only beautiful but also very quiet. Its noise level is 58 dB at full speed (we’re not talking about intensive mode).


But this quality doesn’t come for free. The innovative NRS® technology of Falmec is responsible for it. Thanks to the same, Verso is a decorative extractor hood that stands out from its peers in the market thanks to the fact that it combines high performance and efficiency with a low noise level (86% less), which translates into great comfort in the home.


Something that is probably overlooked is the fact that kitchen extractor hoods have the responsibility to provide adequate lighting over the cooking area. With this in mind, Falmec equipped Verso with the Dynamic LED Light system (2700K – 5600K) that illuminates without generating additional heat to the room.


Finally, you should know that Verso is available in two different sizes, 55 and 85 cm. Both have two overlapping glasses for better smoke expulsion (the upper one can be opened and adjusted when a more powerful filtration is needed).


The two presentations of this kitchen extractor hood by Falmec have a motor of 800 m3/h and a double suction zone. One is located at the bottom of the extractor hood and the other at the front. In white or glossy black tempered glass, Verso is certainly the decorative extractor hood with the most potential that you could have in your kitchen. (Massimo Pro, the best-kept secret that Falmec brings to the kitchen).


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