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Something that is frequently overlooked when remodeling or designing a kitchen is including a good extractor hood. That would be a mistake, not only because it’s certainly an important piece, especially for open concept kitchens since it prevents the propagation of smells, but also because current details contribute to add personality to the concept designed for that space of the home.


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There are 3 key elements to add style to a kitchen with an extractor hood.

1. The design. An extractor or hood with a modern design made of resistant materials can mean having a wonderful point of style if you choose an unconventional model.
2. Size. The size must be proportional to the space of the kitchen, which needs to be as beautiful as it’s functional. To know what size of hood to choose you need to analyze the size of the room to have an idea in terms of area. An additional tip: look for one with lamps that help you see the food while you cook.
3. Easy to clean. This will be especially appreciated by the person in charge of doing the chores at home.


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Best’s proposal

Two models that fit perfectly into the previous recommendations and that could be easily adapted to any kitchen design are the KASC7088XSF90 and the Tau HF 60 models.

The KASC7088XSF90 is a 90-cm-wide chimney hood fully made in stainless-steel. With an extractor that works with a hood and/or recirculating, this model has 4 speeds with electronic push-button control with LCD display.

This extractor hood has great absorption capacity (700 m³/h) and a low noise level (minimum 40 dBA and a maximum speed of 59 dBA). Besides, it has a dual 20-watt halogen lighting system and the best part is that the anti-grease steel mesh filters are dishwasher safe.

On the other hand, the Tau HF 60 model is a beautiful hood that combines glass and stainless-steel. Available in several colors, it comes equipped with an electronic control that allows it to turn off automatically after five minutes have elapsed. Its 3 extraction speed levels are adjustable for maximum comfort and it’s a high-performance hood with low energy consumption (energy efficiency class: A e A +). Its absorption capacity exceeds the performance of the previous model (760 m³/hour).

Its noise level can range between 51 and 61 dBA and comes with an LED illumination system.

It’s important to remember that an extractor hood is part of the comprehensive design of the perfect kitchen so, the correct selection of the same can’t be overlooked.


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