Thermador’s radiant millennial dishwashers


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Thermador’s audience is used to excellence and quality and in this sense, its line of dishwashers,  Radiance Dishwasher Collection,  doesn’t disappoint. Here’s why.


This is an appliance that meets Thermador‘s standards, taking them to a new level. It also integrates new communication technologies, thus creating a collection of smart dishwashers that meet the needs of a new target audience accustomed to the use of artificial intelligence and smartphones: millennials.



What’s new at a glance


Thermador‘s Radiance Dishwasher Collection brings together several features that are present in each model. They can all be controlled and monitored through the HomeConnectⓇ app, from which you can calculate  the remaining soap, diagnose any malfunctions, program a daily wash routine, operate the appliance remotely, set wash cycles, temperatures, and so forth.


Additionally, they include an exceptional washing and drying cycle that prevents stains on glassware, a spacious third rack to optimize load organization, and an impressive system that makes it one of the quietest dishwashers on the market, which is why it includes a lighting mechanism to alert you to its use.


Protecting your glassware


If glassware is your main concern, Thermador‘s Star SapphireⓇ model from the Radiance Dishwasher Collection has an extraordinary capacity for 18 large wine glasses that can be washed with Crystal ProtectⓇ technology that uses a water softener to prevent limescale stains, and StarDryⓇ drying with Zeolite that ensures extraordinary drying, even on the bottom of the glasses.


When you open the door, this appliance will light up internally with a variety of colors selected through the HomeConnectⓇ app and when you close it, the silence during its wash cycle will pleasantly surprise you. This is perfect for putting all the dishes in the dishwasher after a dinner party with friends without the noise interrupting your sleep.


Lavaplatos Radiance Thermador


Heavy duty


If heavy duty is your thing, the EmeraldⓇ dishwasher from Thermador‘s Radiance Dishwasher Collection includes the Chef’s Tool DrawerⓇ for cooking utensils and a top rack that can be adjusted to three different levels, giving you plenty of room to place larger pots and pans. This is great, especially for those days when dishes, pots, and pans pile up after a celebration at home.


So, regardless of your choice, Thermador‘s Radiance Dishwasher Collection will be a great addition to your kitchen.


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