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Luxury, quality, and high performance are undeniable synonyms of  Thermador‘s philosophy. This brand, that is in permanent renovation to offer an almost professional experience in the home, has decided to make a series of launches that promise to revolutionize the kitchen.

Out of the 300 launches that Thermador has prepared for the following months, there are 2 that stand out for the contributions they will make to the way in which we conceive the modern kitchen. Bellow, we share the details about these introductions.

Freedom® to cook better

La Cuisine International

The revolutionary Freedom® induction cooktop is certainly a masterpiece made by Thermador. This induction cooktop, which belongs to the Masterpiece® collection, offers the largest cooking surface of the market within its class, which guarantees a unique experience since it offers the possibility of cooking as you please.

But the amazing thing about this induction cooktop is not only being able to use all its surface (which can be between 30 and 36 inches), but also not needing to manually adjust the configurations. So, this smart cooktop is equipped with highly technological systems that allows it to automatically detect the presence of kitchen utensils on the surface (Freedom Sapphire Glow™) and transfer all the programmed configurations to the next location (Freedom MyZone™). 

Additionally, each position (pot or pan location) can be controlled from an improved full-color touch screen. As if that wasn’t enough, if you connect the cooktop to the Home Connect™ app, the Sync Hood Sync feature will allow you to synchronize it with the corresponding extractor hood, adjusting the lighting and ventilation to your needs. Certainly, all these features are proof that Thermador’s engineers listened to your prayers.

An oven for every need

La Cuisine International

Thinking about the different needs (and cooks) at home, Thermador presents a collection of ovens that perfectly adapt to the wide variety of culinary activities. This collection includes convection, steam, and speed ovens, covering the two emblematic styles of the brand: Masterpiece® and Professional.

The new convection ovens have a wide variety of preset modes, which will allow you to achieve perfection with standard recipes and dare to try new ones. On the other hand, the new versions of the steam ovens come with larger capacity (2.5 cubic feet with 30″-width and multiple grates). And as far as speed ovens are concerned, they combine convection baking, roasting, and microwave in a powerful unit. In other words, they are a gem.

In terms of the aesthetic aspects of these ovens, something that Thermador always has in mind, we can say that the members of the Masterpiece® collection, have a very elegant aesthetic. Metallic grey crystal, vibrant color displays and elegant and contemporary handles made of high-quality stainless-steel are some of its most outstanding qualities.

On the other hand, the ovens of the Professional collection have characteristics that lean more towards what is modern. They stand out for having screens in bright color, impressive metallic grey glass, and hand-made distinctive handles in high-quality stainless-steel. A very important aspect of both collections -which will certainly seem interesting for designers and architects- is the fact that they offer complete flexibility in terms of design, with the option of flush or standard installation, so that any model can be seamlessly integrated into the kitchen that accommodates it.

So, once again, Thermador provides you with the perfect combination of design and technology to create unforgettable experiences in the kitchen.


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