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Topaz® by Thermador, is proof that in the age of technology dishwashers couldn’t be left behind. This prestigious brand, committed to the application of high technology in the kitchen, has been introducing in its sophisticated appliances the connectivity that modern life demands.

Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect is the brand’s bet to make the cooking experience something more enjoyable every day. The system provides information about the device’s selected features, sends reminders to your Smartphone, and, if a problem arises, allows service reps to run diagnostics remotely when help is needed.

So, just imagine that one of those warnings tells you which is the perfect cycle for the current load in your Topaz is® dishwasher, allowing you to turn it on, with just one click, while you are away from home. Isn’t it something worthy of The Jetsons?


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A very smart dishwasher

Topaz® is more than a dishwasher. Thermador conceived it as a true assistant when it comes to cleaning your dinnerware. For that precise reason, the brand provided this dishwasher with various systems that guarantee that your beloved crystal glasses and your grandmother’s dinnerware not only look as if they were just taken out of the box, but also come out untouched from the washing process.

One example is the Crystal Protection™ system. This system guarantees perfect results for fine glass. Topaz® is a dishwasher equipped with the PowerBoost® option. This option increases the temperature and pressure on the bottom rack to thoroughly clean those pots or dishes that need special service. And as if that wasn’t enough, this dishwasher has the Extra-Tall-Item™ sprayer that allows you to wash large items (22″ high).

But in addition to the different washing possibilities that will not only allow you to choose the option that best suits the needs of your loads, Topaz® comes with wash/dry cycles that will prevent you from having to remove the remaining water from your dishes and utensils. In this sense, the Sens-A-Wash® system guarantees superior washing and drying, while the ExtraDry option promises perfectly dry dishes.


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More space, less noise and energy consumption

One of the most attractive advantages of the Topaz® dishwasher is its capacity. Aside from a space to wash 16 dishes in one load, this appliance adds the Chef’s Tool Drawer® system to offer additional capacity for a range of small and large utensils, which will make sure everything is clean in a single load.

Also, Topaz® is an appliance with the Powerfully Quiet® system, which guarantees that you can go to bed, without the noise of the hard work of this dishwasher keeping you up. Its Energy STAR® rating also confirms the low energy consumption of this appliance (only 269kWh/year).

Beautiful on the outside, stainless-steel on the inside

The customized panels with flush installation are certainly one of the great attractions of this dishwasher, as this will allow designers and architects to harmonize the same with the kitchen cabinets.

Stainless-steel is a material that accompanies this dishwasher in its interior and in a control panel that also has a blue LED display. The interior of the Topaz® dishwasher is a high-grade stainless steel (18/10) which offers great durability and resistance to oxidation, dents and shavings.

Thus, Thermador has provided the Dishwasher Topaz® with all its knowledge so its time in the kitchen is focused exclusively on the creation of culinary delights.


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