Thermador: more than kitchens; it’s real moments and real people


The Thermador brand is celebrating 100 years of existence this year. It has been a long journey since the first wall oven designed with patented star shaped stoves Star® Burner. It has been creating innovative kitchen products since 1916.

For this occasion, Thermador has made a list of videos called “Real People. Real Food Moments” in which users of this brand, with emotional testimonies, commented on what a kitchen means nowadays. A kitchen is more than a place to cook and eat; it means union, love, memories, tradition, and even healing.

It’s impossible not to feel touched with the testimonies in these videos. Either a young boy remembers how his mother made him arroz con leche (rice pudding) for his birthday or with the memory of the tasty noodles made by his grandmother. One or several stories from these videos can be related to ours and they will make our heart tighten.

Many of the most important moments of our family life happen in the kitchen and Thermador has managed to collect some of them in these emotional videos. For instance, for Mae, cooking is a ritual that she learned from her grandmother, and each time she makes tasty meals at her home it reminds her of these moments like they were frozen in time.

Another testimony is about a cancer survivor that mentions how his mother always healed everything with a chicken noodle soup, “from a knee injury to a cold”, he claims. When he was diagnosed with this terrible disease at just 26 years old, his mother flew to the city he was living in just to bring him chicken noodle soup.

Has it ever happened to you that when you smell something good it takes you back to a happy period in your childhood? This is the case of one of the women in the testimonies of Thermador. Each time she smells cinnamon rolls it reminds her of Sunday mornings during her first 17 years of life in which her mother used to make them for her for breakfast.

Thermador has hit the mark in showing in these videos the connection between the kitchen and human relationships. There is no doubt why it has already reached 100 years in the market providing users the best products for this important place of our homes. La Cuisine International is the official distributor of this excellent brand. Do not miss the chance to visit our website to become acquainted with all our products.


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