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Once again, the famous luxury appliance brand Thermador launches a kitchen design challenge. This contest is open to interior designers, architects, builders, remodelers, and kitchen dealers within the United States, and looks for the creation of bold, innovative, and beautiful visions of this space.

With $110,000 in cash prizes, this award includes a trip for two to attend a gala in Southern California where the winners of the different categories will be able to do networking with colleagues from around the country, which certainly guarantees a once in a lifetime opportunity.


La Cuisine International


Participation in this contest is free of cost and you can submit as many proposals as you wish, since it has more than 50 categories. The main requirements to compete are:

  • Be over 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States.
  • Create a profile on the website of the contest and complete the online registration form.
  • Write a narrative of no more than 300 words and upload photos of your kitchen design, which must include at least three Thermador appliances (see official rules) before April 15, 2020.


La Cuisine International


Multiple ways to participate

With very clear rules and almost unlimited participation options, one of the attractions of this contest is that individuals (professionals and students), teams and companies can compete. Likewise, since Thermador knows well that a perfect kitchen can take time to be executed, the contest is open to receive proposals that were fully executed from January 1, 2017 to May 15, 2020.

While there are more than 50 categories to be awarded, Thermador’s kitchen design challenge includes some special categories such as:

  • Exceptional kitchen: a category where you can compete with a kitchen design that includes at least three primary Thermador appliances within the categories of cooking, refrigeration, and dishwasher (see list of products) or with appliances in combination with other brands as long as Thermador does not offer them within their catalog.
  • Compact Space: This section rewards genius within a space of 200 square feet. In this case, at least 3 Thermador primary products must be included and additional Thermador appliances can be added (see the requirements).
  • Student category: This category invites young interior designers or architects (only individuals, not teams) to design an exceptional, functional and beautiful kitchen space for a hypothetical customer. The kitchen should be a minimum of 200 square feet with a maximum budget of $250,000. As in the other categories, it must include at least three (3) primary Thermador appliances and this proposal should go with a narrative of 3,000 characters or less that specifies background information on the hypothetical customer, objectives, design challenges, etc. (see the requirements).
  • Original Innovator (out of the box space): Here Thermador’s challenge is to design a space that is outside the kitchen using its appliances. That is, participants must use their creativity to transform places such as the gym, the meeting room, the master suite, the bathroom, the guest house, the games room, among others, into places where at least 2 Thermador appliances (see list of products) standout along with the distribution.


So, in the end, designers, architects, remodelers and other kitchen-dream-makers have a golden opportunity to showcase their talents and be awarded for them.



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