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Pizza is a dish with magical powers and Alfresco knows it. That’s why their  Pizza Oven Plus is designed to give homemade pizza that flavor that only those made in restaurants have.


But before we talk about the benefits of this wonderful appliance, which is the most versatile and the gas oven with the highest performance on the market, let us explain why we say that pizza is a dish with magical powers capable of solving everything.


First, we’ll refresh your memory. Remember your childhood, a rainy Sunday when mom didn’t want to cook and all of the sudden everyone in the house suggested…yes, you guessed it: pizza. Dad made the call right away or went with one of his brothers to get it, or better yet, bought the dough and everyone participated in the ritual of “making the best pizza in the world.”


Cheese, tomato sauce, mushrooms, and anything from the fridge that everyone could agree on went straight to that circular delight that lasted longer being cooked than served at the table.


No, let’s go to more recent memories. A challenging day at the office, a difficult customer, or an order that must be delivered. You haven’t eaten all day and no one in the office can decide what to order until someone says the magic phrase: “what if we order pizza?” The mood changes immediately, the fatigue disappears, and the day doesn’t seem so difficult anymore, right?


We can write for hours helping you recreate moments when pizza was the center of endless afternoons of study, fun get-togethers with friends, and more. And while you may not remember the ingredients of each one, you’ll certainly connect the idea of pizza with joy, friendship, family, there lies the magic of this dish. (see also Alfresco reveals the secret to making unforgettable pizzas).


La Cuisine International


Alfresco: the lord of pizza

That’s why when this American outdoor cooking brand decided to enter the pizza oven manufacturing market, it was with a bang. Alfresco set out to bring the benefits of a professional pizza oven to homes.


To do this, they considered three key factors: the material used in the manufacture, the design, and the power of the appliance. With this in mind, the next step was to provide this oven with the technology capable of offering high performance and a preheating system that, in just 15 minutes, could reach elevated temperatures, which is necessary to make a restaurant-quality pizza in just 3 minutes.


This oven that can be installed either recessed or placed on the countertop, has a design that absorbs and accelerates the preheating time as it distributes the heat to the ceramic ceiling slab to create the intense top-down heat necessary to cook the perfect pizza.


With a stainless-steel exterior (304 18-8 heli-arc welded), this appliance has glass doors (8.5″) with a stainless-steel frame that’ll allow you to visualize the progress of what you’re cooking. The pizza oven has a high-performance tube-log burner, and a high-tech and high-heat ceramic infrared hearth burner, plus 456 square inches of cooking space.


With removable hinges and doors, this oven features halogen lighting and includes Alfresco’s exclusive natural air-cooling system that keeps the control panel cool to the touch, allowing you to safely operate the same. Available in LP or natural gas, the brand offers you a wide variety of accessories that will help you have a professional experience at home. (see the oven’s operation operation).


So, Alfresco can help you transform dreams into reality with an appliance that aside from making pizzas will help you cook dishes as diverse as cakes, roasts, and more in the comfort of your home. (see also Pizza worthy of a restaurant? Alfresco makes it possible).


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