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Have you ever wondered why everything on the grill tastes better? Whether it’s a good cut of meat or vegetables, the taste of the food is always delicious, as if everything that’s exposed to the grill acquires that mouth-watering quality.


That’s one of the reasons why we love to grill. The other is that there’s no better excuse to celebrate any occasion than a good barbecue while enjoying wine, or beer, in the afternoon or evening, it’s one of the social events we enjoy the most. Plus it’s not complicated to organize, whether you do it all yourself or share the responsibility with someone else.


And since we’re celebrating love and friendship this month, a barbecue sounds like a great idea. Food comes first, so think about a good T-bone, tenderloin, or beef rib. The “chef” in charge of grilling comes second (whether you’re an expert or simply love to cook).  As a chef you must know when the meat is done, have the patience to let the heat do its work on the food, and enjoy the moment. And last but not least, having a good grill is essential.




Grilling in love


Why having a good grill is so important? Let’s begin with what you think you must have: enough outdoor space, such as a garden or a terrace, a grill of large dimensions so that you can cook comfortably, and also an eye-catching appliance so you can impress your friends.


Alfresco ALXE 30 Inch Built In Natural Gas Grill With Sear Zone And Rotisserie 1
Alfresco ALXE 30 Inch


However, the truth is that modern life often presents us with other scenarios. So, if you have a small garden at home or a nice terrace in your apartment, and you lean toward minimalism avoiding big elements, but you enjoy inviting your friends over to hang out, don’t worry, we have the solution to match the space you have.


For you, we recommend the ALXE-30 Luxury Grill from Alfresco, which is a state-of-the-art grill that you’ll love for its performance and features. With a compact and practical cooking space, made of stainless steel, with all the technology you can expect from an appliance manufactured by Alfresco, it is ideal for any outdoor event you have planned.


The best thing about this grill is its size. At only 30″, it discreetly fits into any space, being ideal for a corner of a garden or terrace. Your guests will watch you cook while enjoying a good wine or beer. In addition, it has two 18-SR stainless steel Accufire™ main burners, which are responsible for the high performance you need when cooking any meat, plus an integrated Mega-Drive™ rotisserie system with an infrared burner to achieve the finish you want in your meals.

To add a smoky flavor, the ALXE-30 Luxury Grill comes with an integrated Signature Taste™ smoking system with a burner and wood chunk drawer, so you can smoke meat or vegetables with spices for the enjoyment of your guests.

With this grill, you don’t have to worry about not having enough space, because it includes a cooking area of 542 inches and a heating grid that you can set in three different positions. Additionally, it has built-in high-intensity halogen lights, so you can grill even at night in your garden or terrace. Another practical feature of this Alfresco grill is that you can use 110V electricity or natural gas, depending on your needs.


Do you still think you need another grill to celebrate this month with your friends? We don’t think so, because the Alfresco ALXE-30 Luxury Grill adapts to you the space you have, giving you the full outdoor experience even without leaving your home.


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