The secret weapon of U-Line for your meetings at home


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Yes, we’re aware that having meetings and hosting parties aren’t a good idea at the moment. But let’s say we’re optimistic and believe that having a secret weapon like the refrigerator U-29RB-00A by U-Line, could transform any occasion, even just with the family at home, into an opportunity to celebrate.


You may be wondering why we say that this specific refrigerator by U-Line is the secret weapon for any meeting to become a party. Keep reading for the answer.


This small piece of equipment is an incredible ally to store or keep handy soft drinks, beverages and even meals, without having to occupy your main refrigerator. As you know, this is the main problem when it comes to gatherings at home: all the additional purchases you made occupying the space of your everyday groceries.


In fact, certainly at some point in this period of confinement you went through the prepper phase and thought about the importance of having an extra storage space like this refrigerator. Because in times of emergency situations and on special occasions, a refrigerator, however large, is never enough.


Mission possible

Let’s just say this little refrigerator by U-Line is like a secret agent in the kitchen. Discreet and compact, you can trust that all those items you’ve saved for special occasions, or just to have handy, will be cared for by this appliance.

That is, the U-29RB-00A by U-Line  is a home-based Ethan Hunt that makes all storage missions possible. Besides, this 21″ super-agent that meets the requirements of the ADA, has other charms.


First, it has a storage capacity for 35 bottles (12 oz) or 48 cans (12 oz), which can be located in its four compartments and on the door. An interesting fact is that the tempered glass shelves of this unit are adjustable into 11 different height positions. So, you’ll be able to preserve that cherished drink because no one will think it can be stored there.


Second, the appliance can be customized: you can request that the hinges are placed on the right or left and even add a lock, so that all its contents can only be accessed by those authorized.


La Cuisine International


An ally when it comes to energy savings

The super-agent U-29RB-00A by U-Line is an appliance designed both to stand alone and for built-in installation. That means that it can either be camouflaged undercounter or go unnoticed in the kitchen, office, area or even in game rooms, just by adapting it to the design of the space where it’ll be placed.


Its unique features include a mechanical passive cooling system and mechanical dial control with an operating temperature range between 34oF and 45oF.  All this in addition to its Energy Star rating that makes it an ally for energy savings.


As you can see, the U-29RB-00A by U-Line may well be the perfect accomplice to secretly store fresh produce, delicacies, and other items you want to keep protected from the imminent attack of your family members. But it can also be the secret weapon that’ll give you the space necessary so any meeting at home is no longer an impossible mission due to lack of storage.


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