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Cooking is a pleasure. That’s why it’s so important to have a cooktop that adapts to our needs and allows us to express ourselves. Always innovating, Thermador, the iconic American brand of luxury appliances, presents its Masterpiece® Star® Burner Gas Cooktop as one of the best choices for a kitchen with high aspirations.

While the market offers a wide variety of cooktops, which vary according to the method used to heat (gas or induction) and the materials with which they are built, why would you choose a Masterpiece® Star® Burner Gas Cooktop by Thermador for your home? The answer, despite being simple, requires asking a few questions:

  1. What is the space you have reserved for the cooktop? This is the first question you need to ask yourself to avoid unpleasant surprises at the time of installation. The Masterpiece® Star® SGS305TS gas cooktop by Thermador has an excellent size: 30 inches and 5 Star® burners, for a total of 52,000 BTU on the entire cooktop.
  2. What is the use you will give to the cooktop? Are you going to cook every day or are you an occasional cook?
  3. Is your family big or small? The number of people for whom you’ll cook determines the size of the pots you are going to use and, therefore, the size of the burners. Being a compact cooktop, this appliance by Thermador provides the same functionality as a larger one. Also, its unique continuous grates design allows pots and pans to move effortlessly across the entire cooking area.
  4. What do you prefer, gas or electricity? Worried about energy savings? If you answered yes, a gas cooktop is the obvious choice for you, as it doesn’t affect the electricity consumption of the home and allows you to join the initiatives for the conservation of the planet.


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Demystifying gas cooktops

Despite latest innovations, it seems that gas cooktops lost ground against induction cooktops. However, they still have characteristics that make them ideal for your home or business. One of their attractive features is energy savings and, for the lovers of good food, nothing can compare to the taste of gas-cooked foods.

And let’s not forget the options that, at the culinary level, are developed on gas cooktops. Since an induction cooktop is not activated if there is no contact with the base, techniques such as sautéing, or flambéing are almost impossible to perform. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that restaurants only use gas cooktops.

Another attractive feature of the SGS305TS the cooktop Masterpiece® Star® is that it has a high-power center burner (16,000 BTU) to be used when food needs to be cooked quickly.

Despite its advantages, one of the biggest objections of gas cooktops is the issue of cleanliness. We have this idea that they are difficult to clean and that they easily end up dirty with grease. It has always been said that these cooktops are not as easy to clean as glass-ceramic or induction cooktops, since they include components such as the burners, grilles and knobs where dirt can accumulate. Nothing further from the truth. Today, these cooktops are manufactured to be functional, with a luxurious finish and easy to maintain. This cooktop is made of seamless stainless-steel, without grooves, which facilitates cleaning the surface. Besides, its beautiful design makes it ideal for any environment. The SGS305TS is made of die-cast metal, guaranteeing its quality, durability and beauty. Also, it comes with a “press-to-turn on” safety system that prevents accidents, such as gas leakage. And the burners are sealed to prevent spills into unwanted places.

For those who love cooking, there is no greater pleasure than seeing the flame and being able to regulate it. Play with the heat, regulate it according to the cooking process. The Star® Burner provides higher flame coverage, which heats the pan or pot more quickly and evenly. Its coverage is higher than what a round burner or induction cooktop can offer. Thus, flavors are preserved and intensified with the fire. This Thermador cooktop has an electronic re-ignition function, which will automatically re-ignite the cooktop in case the flame goes out. The burners heat up very quickly and have a very long useful life, without needing excessive care.

Luxury Accessories

This cooktop comes with two accessories that can be purchased separately. They are an iron griddle (SGRIDDLEW) and a wok ring (SWOKRINGW). With these accessories cooking those dishes that we love and for which we usually use special pans or pots becomes easier.

Pancakes or French toast for breakfast? Or burgers for lunch, bacon or roasted vegetables without having to use the grill? The iron griddle is specially developed to cook and roast this type of dishes easily and quickly, since the center burner is used, which has the highest power. And for those who love Asian cuisine, the wok ring was created to give stability to this type of pan and offer greater safety to the cook. It should be used with pans up to 16 inches in diameter.

One last recommendation: to maintain the beauty of the SGS305TS Masterpiece® Star® Burner Gas Cooktop avoid cleaning it with products containing vinegar or allowing lemon juice to come in contact with the stainless-steel surface.


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