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Yes, the dream kitchen is full of details. Some of them are bigger than others, but certainly nothing can be overlooked. The focus is always on the appliances, leaving behind other devices of great use and importance such as the sink.

Relegated to a second place, a good sink makes all the difference in a kitchen with a modern design. To begin with, the first question to choose the right sink is: Double or single bowl sink? Don’t underestimate this question since the size of your sink doesn’t have much to do with taste, but it has plenty to do with the frequency of use, the total number of persons living in the house, what the main purpose of the sink will be, and the space available. So, this first question raises additional questions that will give you tips to make a choice.

The initial conclusion is obvious: If many people use the kitchen sink, a double bowl sink would be the most appropriate choice, but if on the contrary you have a small apartment and the kitchen is used by one or two people, a single sink is best. However, the best is yet to come, so we have gathered some tips about the type of sink to choose with all your needs in mind.

After the size, the material is the most important aspect

If you already know the size of the sink that will get your kitchen closer to perfection, then, you must begin to consider other aspects such as the material it is made of.
With all the new technology and daily innovations, the scope of materials available for sinks has grown. From synthetics to the traditional stainless-steel, stone and even ceramics are part of the options available in the market.


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The classic stainless-steel. These are the most common and economical, even though that is not necessarily the case since there are different qualities of steel and manufacture processes that could increase its costs and improve many of the basic features. This type of material is still the king of kitchen sinks as it offers good resistance to impact and high temperatures. Also, it is a versatile option in terms of design, shapes, and combination possibilities. Perhaps some of its biggest inconveniences are the visibility of scratches it may have and the loss of shine because of the scratches. The brand Kindred offers an interesting range of options of stainless-steel sinks of the highest quality. If you need a double bowl sink, the model Drop-In double bowl sink QDLA2233-8-2 may be what you are looking for.


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Resins from another world. Resin sinks are the current trend. Even though they are delicate to use, they are available in a great variety of colors and textures. The line Sirus from the Swiss brand Franke offers options (such as the 620 Carbone) of single or double bowl in white or onyx. Tectonite® is the resin patented by the brand that allows you to keep the surface clean due to its lack of grain. Besides, it guarantees hygiene since it is easy to clean and resistant to superficial scratches, impact/shock, stains and stands temperatures of up to 300°C.

The rule of quartz. Just as there are quartz countertops, sinks made of this material are among the trendy options in the market. As it happens with resin sinks, sinks made of quartz are available in a great variety of colors and textures. Aside from almost being pieces of art, quartz sinks offer higher resistance to impact, scratches and heat.

The charm of ceramic. This type of sink aims at a rustic or vintage style for the kitchen. They are very resistant to impact and scratches, even though they can break if they experience a strong shock or impact. Inconveniences: A high price and its stiffness that can damage delicate dinnerware.


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Luxury stones. Marble and/or granite sinks are options specifically manufactured to be integrated to the countertop, offering the typical characteristics of the materials. However, for those who look for a sober style in the kitchen, Franke offers its Fragranite®, a material made of 80% natural granite, which is pigmented particle by particle to achieve absolute color homogeneity. Additionally, the material is resistant to heat, up to 280°C, scratches, abrasions, thermic shock, and even bacteria (silver ions – Sanitized®)

So, don’t underestimate the details involved in properly choosing a good sink for your dream kitchen.


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