The importance of choosing the right faucet for the kitchen


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Life at home takes place mostly in the kitchen, so even the tiniest details in it, like the faucets, are important. After reading this you may be wondering: How much does the faucet matter? Well, more than you think and you’ll learn why.

While faucets can be perceived as a basic utensil with little value, since at first glance their function doesn’t go beyond providing water to wash dishes or food, the truth is that having a good equipment in your sink will save you more than you think in terms of time and money. Even if you don’t believe it, the faucet can help you reduce energy consumption, cook more comfortably, and even maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Recently, faucets have also evolved incorporating in their structure technology, materials, finishes and even design that brings personality to your kitchen.

Things you should think about before you buy a faucet

Measurements. If you just want to change the faucets and not the whole system including the sink, you need to take different measurements to know what you can or cannot choose. What are these measurements? The sink size (the larger the sink, the larger the faucets); the distance to the wall; if you have windows above the sink you should consider the space needed to open them; the distance from  the  cabinets located above the sink, etc.

Location.  Even if the answer seems obvious, it’s not. You can install the faucets on the wall or countertop. Think about it.

Maintenance.  Yes, the faucets should also be cleaned if you want to keep them radiant. Today there are a number of materials that help save you that work.

Design.  Prioritize the functional aspects before the beautiful ones. Fortunately in today’s market there are brands that offer both on the same appliance.


La Cuisine International


Life. Durability will come from the quality of the equipment you buy, and here the old saying that cheap can be costly applies. Also, if you want a faucet that lasts a long time, pay attention to the material of the discs (prefer those that are made of ceramic) that allow the use of the controls.

Savings. There are faucets that help you spend less water. An example are faucets that incorporate an aerator, as these save in terms of flow. An interesting fact: single-pull out nozzle faucets save energy because you only have to turn the handle to one side to open the hot water.

All of the above on the same appliance

Franke certainly earns all the points in terms of the design and technological application to the faucets, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that they include in their wide range of products a model like the Sinos Doccia. This extendable single-pull out nozzle faucet in chromed steel has all the qualities you should look for in such a device.

Its robust design, rounded lines, and sophisticated appearance fits perfectly into modern, elegant, or minimalist kitchens. It has ceramic discs that provide a smoother opening to the equipment, while guaranteeing a long useful life.

With a 360-degree rotating spout, this model has a diameter of 50 mm, width of 261 mm and height of 234 mm. Simple to install, its finish makes this a faucet resistant to the chemical agents present in water, kitchen grease and even the most aggressive detergents.

So, if you were looking for something really unique and durable for your kitchen, then this faucet is the ideal choice for you.


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