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Brands not only sell technology, since all their products reveal an identity they wish to show to the user, a perspective on life, demonstrating through their acquisition how they present themselves to the world.

One of the jobs of a designer is knowing the client and finding a way to turn the designs into what the client wants to portray in the home of their dreams. For that reason, choosing the right brand can be the perfect bridge between the romantic idea of the consumer, and the quality and functionality the designer must offer to make that idea come true.

Here is a small guide about 4 of our most iconic brands to assist you in the search for that “special something” you wish to have in your kitchen.


La Cuisine International


Smeg, the beauty of the classics

Aesthetics is the signature of the brand Smeg. The high technology of their products comes in a generally classic presentation, where the beauty of the form prevails over any other aspect. Colors, decorations, and the homage to the 50s and 70s combine to provide a vibrant personality to the items of its different lines. The Smeg client isn’t someone simple. They’re a consumer with a strong personality, one that dares to use elements with a strong decorative presence, and acknowledges the importance to give relevance to the utensils.

Gaggenau, elegance is found in what is useful

The German brand with over 330 years of history, aims for perfection and simplicity. Gaggenau believes that less is more, which is evident in the straight lines and perfect finishes of all its pieces. Each product of the brand must be directly approved by a staff that oversees their demanding quality standards, and said perfection is precisely what consumers are looking for.

Straight lines, taking full advantage of the space, neutral colors -wood and steel are prevalent- smooth surfaces, lack of excess, are characteristics of the aesthetics of Gaggenau. The client that prefers this brand believes that luxury is demonstrated with the utmost simplicity because food must have the leading role in the kitchen.


La Cuisine International


Bosch, technology for the home

If the client is a geek, fan of the latest technological innovations, enjoys controlling everything even from a distance, digital native, who values their time, Bosch is the brand par excellence to satisfy him or her.

The products offered by the brand have a simple aesthetic, with high quality materials that favor technology above any other value.

Digital panel, remote controls, mobile apps, and Internet interaction are the main attractive features of the products made by Bosch.


La Cuisine International


Thermador, with the soul of a chef

Thermador is the brand par excellence for kitchen enthusiasts. Those who have watched MasterChef from season 1, who believe they could be best friends with Gordon Ramsey and know perfectly well why the star burners of this brand are the most powerful in the market.

It happens that Thermador offers everything from dishwashers, induction cooktops, microwave ovens, refrigerators, and even wine cabinets. However, the dream of every Thermador client is installing one of their Professional Pro Harmony or Pro Grand kitchens at home. The simple stainless-steel lines (very much like the ones used in big restaurants), the power of the burners, the ovens that allow you to cook different dishes at the same time, will inspire you and make you feel you can compete even against chef Ripert.

So remember, matching the client and the brand that best suits its ideals can be a successful tool for the design of a fabulous kitchen.


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