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If thinking about gas ranges makes you think about the past, it’s because you don’t know the 48” Pro Grand Commercial Depth Dual Fuel Steam Range de Thermador. The millennial version of the gas ranges offered by Thermador will allow you to enjoy the full power and speed of traditional gas ranges but with the precision, elegance, and versatility of the latest generation of appliances.

Cooking and baking are becoming more sophisticated. Preparing gourmet dishes that can be displayed on social media, worthy of Michelin stars and available for the family at any time of the week, is no simple task. This requires technique, good products, specific utensils, but above all, a range that allows you prepare several dishes at the same time with a perfect control of temperatures and times, avoiding the mixture of flavors and scents, which of course can also be controlled remotely.

The cooks of this new generation are demanding and do not settle for replicating a family recipe. No. They want to take it to another level and share it with their digital environment. Millennials need a range according to their standards, and Thermador has found a way to meet this need and go beyond.


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Combining is the key

Today, induction cooktops seem to take over the kitchen industry, leaving the traditional gas ones aside. Thermador understands that you can have the best of both worlds in one team. To do so, it combines six gas burners with a sensitive surface induction plate so you can take full advantage of it with specific temperatures for each preparation that also works as an electric grill, so the grill is part of the menu of this range.

When it comes to the gas burners, Thermador has equipped its 48” Pro Grand Commercial Depth Dual Fuel Range with four ExtraLow® burners with precision cooking capabilities for temperatures as low as 100°F for simmering, melting or maintaining the temperature of dishes already cooked. The other two burners can be graduated independently.


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Plenty of baking, little work

The oven…the best friend or the nightmare of every kitchen. The best dishes are traditionally prepared in it but, you can also spend long hours cleaning.

We know that spending too much time in a single task is not typical of millennials and perhaps that’s why Thermador has equipped its 48” Pro Grand Commercial Depth Dual Fuel Range with two ovens with different sizes and functions.

Both the small and large oven have full convection functions, roasting, CookControl™ meat probe and capacity for 8 simultaneous preparations in the large one and 6 in the small oven. Everything needed for a large inventory of 20 simultaneous preparations between range and ovens without using the induction plate. But perhaps one of the functions that millennials will love more about this appliance is the self-cleaning capacity of the ovens with a fast-two-hour cycle.

Professional and avant-garde design

The objective is for the home cook to feel like a professional and for that, the 48” Pro Grand Commercial Depth Dual Fuel Range looks like a range worthy of a restaurant. Star-shaped burners honor the brand but also rest on a QuickClean Base® surface that is easy to clean and offers great heat propagation. On the outside, the oven doors are attached with SoftClose® hinges for ultra-soft closure and on the inside, there are Full Access® telescopic racks and easy-grip integrated handles plus powerful halogen lighting.

And to meet the remote-control needs of the passionate millennials, the 48” Pro Grand Commercial Depth Dual Fuel Range comes with a TFT interface with wireless connectivity, light indicators, and an electronic control panel for the oven.

So, having a Thermador gas range at home will be like enjoying the reincarnation of Grandma’s stove but with internet connection.


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