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The best ally you can have to achieve a healthy life can be right there, in the kitchen of any home. Yes, that appliance you bought and forgot all about or that someone gave to you as a present, can certainly help you eat better every day if you use it in a smart way or take full advantage of its potential.

Eating healthy, including all nutrients, and doing it in a quick and fun way, is not a utopia. It’s possible to develop healthy eating habits in the midst of a hectic and busy life, using all the assistance that technology can put at your fingertips.

The trends are almost endless: from green juices, to the revolutionary fasting, where appliances are the key behind their success.


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Mix to rejuvenate

Recovering the freshness of your skin, strengthening the immune system, recovering energy that has been lost, promoting a lighter digestion, losing weight, detoxifying the body, starting the day with a boost of nutrients, are -among others- the benefits of drinking the so-called “green juices” at breakfast. The combination of fresh fruits and vegetables in smoothies, depending on the combination, will have diverse desired effects for a healthy lifestyle.

The secret weapon behind these morning cocktails? The almighty blender. A versatile element that in this case becomes the protagonist, since you will need a powerful blender that efficiently mixes the ingredients and can be cleaned quickly when you have little time to spare during a busy morning.

For those looking for the best option to prepare their smoothies, Smeg offers the Blender model BLF01RDEU, which brings together speed control, quality, durability and of course, the design and color that characterizes the brand.


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Raw and simple

The trend to adopt a mostly vegan diet based on raw foods is certainly growing. It’s a modality that favors the intake of food by avoiding, as much as possible, to intervene the food by cooking it, to absorb most of its nutrients and fiber.

It’s certainly a rather controversial lifestyle and requires a lot of asepsis. But, as important as hygiene is, what’s truly essential is using food that is fresh, something that’s not possible without the presence of the main star of the kitchen: the refrigerator.

A good cooling system is essential to keep food fresh and help food maintain its flavor and texture as long as possible. The Vario 400 Series by Gaggenau is a solution in this regard, since that series of refrigerators have different air conditioning zones to adapt to different foods, as well as smart systems to react to each food, adjusting the temperature according to the state of the same.

But this type of diet is not only being adopted by vegetarians. The “meat-approved” version of this diet includes roasted meats with as little fat and additives as possible in addition to raw vegetables. And what could seem more appetizing for a meat lover than grilled meat? This is where the brand COYOTE is the absolute king with its grills and outdoor stations that, due to the simplicity of their maintenance process and use, can turn any daily lunch into a feast that would make anyone forget they are on a diet.


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Wait a little, just a little more

Fasting or “intermittent fasting” is the latest innovation regarding weight loss. It’s based on spacing as much as possible, dinner, and breakfast -between 12 and 18 hours- followed by a protein-based eating plan.

Perhaps for those who adopt this regime, the hardest thing is not breaking the fast by taking the fridge by storm and eating anything right away. That’s why it’s important to have handy that protein that will be the first meal of the day: so make it tasty, practical, and healthy.

The most recommended recipes are those prepared in the oven, because aside from preserving the flavor of the preparations, the dishes baked in the oven usually contain low amounts of fat and remain in good condition longer. So the oven becomes a great ally when it comes to cooking dishes that will feed the family perhaps for several days.

Bosch has a variety of ovens that fit the needs of any family, but when you choose self-cleanings models like the ones from the Series 6 the work will be further reduced. The smart aspect of the appliances of this brand has made tv shows as popular as  Master Chef become sponsors of the brand.

Leaving junk food behind can be a difficult task, but if the appliances you have in the kitchen are of excellent quality, achieving a new lifestyle will be much easier than you think. So put those appliances to work for your health and your family’s health from now on.


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