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Refrigeration is an art and our brands Bosch and Liebherr know all about it. Having a good refrigerator isn’t enough, you also have to know how to take advantage of all its features and understand how to store food properly in it.


The art of storing and preserving our groceries or produce in good condition lies basically, in learning how to refrigerate them. In this sense, the golden rule is to store food at a temperature below 4oC. In this way, the microorganisms, and the enzymatic action of food decrease, which delays the deterioration process. The result: food that last longer.


However, not all food can be refrigerated at the same temperature. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, meats and dairy need to be in different cooling levels. That’s the reason why we say that refrigeration is an art.


In this sense, it’s important to consider certain basic notions that’ll allow you to master this art. Here, we share some tips that the FDA offers in this regard:


  • Check the temperatures periodically. Keep your refrigerator at 4oC (40oF) or less and the freezer at -18oC (0oF).
  • Don’t fill up the refrigerator or freezer so that air can circulate.
  • Follow the “two-hour rule”. That is, don’t leave out foods that need refrigeration such as meat, poultry, seafood, eggs or dairy. On the other hand, if the room temperature is 30oC (90oF), make it a 1-hour rule.
  • Clean the refrigerator
  • Refrigerate food in covered containers or sealed storage bags.
  • Store eggs in their box inside the refrigerator, instead of the door, where the temperature is higher.
  • Check the expiration dates of your food.



Super fresh, super cold and super cool


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Bosch refrigerators offer to keep your purchases safe. How do they do it? Well, an example of this is the model B09IB91NSP from the 800 Series. So, we are talking about a refrigerator with two well differentiated storage areas that’ll guarantee the perfect preservation of your food (see operation).


This appliance has two top shelves to store vegetables, which operate with the VitaFresh Pro system. This system -which is high-tech at your service to preserve your food- ensures you three times the useful life, not only of fruits and vegetables, but also of meat and fish. Why? Because VitaFresh Pro drawers combine the perfect temperature and humidity to protect flavors, nutrients and vitamins from your food and dishes.


When it comes to the freezer of this device, we can tell you that it’s equipped with SuperFreezing and SuperCooling technology. The first, guarantees that new foods are frozen quickly and therefore, prevents the rest of the contents inside the freezer from thawing. The second (SuperCooling), will prevent food from spoiling in the freezer and quickly lowers the temperature of the refrigerator to isolate the food already inside, while keeping your old and new food fresh through clever anticipation.



Full-proof experience


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Liebherr has an undisputed experience when it comes to refrigeration. The refrigerator model MRB 3600 is proof of that. The appliance belongs to the Monolith series, so it offers -thanks to its FlexSystem- flexible and easy organization within the device that’ll allow you to classify and separate the food stored in its drawers equipped with BioFresh-Plus technology.


BioFresh-Plus technology provides you with the possibility to store fruits, vegetables, but also fish, meat, or dairy products in optimal conditions by simply adjusting the temperature. This model comes with 2 large BioFresh-Plus drawers, which in turn are subdivided into DrySafe (2) and Hydrosafe (1) spaces.


Thanks to its touch & swipe screen control you can store meat or cheeses at a temperature just above 0oC by simply activating the DrySafe. While cold-sensitive tropical fruits, which require higher temperatures and hygrometry, can be preserved in optimal conditions activating the HydroSafe in the drawer.


The frozen area in this refrigerator doesn’t lack technology. Equipped with Liebherr’s high-performance PowerCooling system, the appliance ensures that newly stored foods are quickly cooled, while maintaining an even temperature throughout the interior. Besides, in the appliances belonging to the Monolith series, this system circulates cold air behind the door, which means that the elements stored in this place will be as cold as everything else inside.


So, with all the data we just gave you and with the possibility of choosing any of these two refrigerators, you’ll be able to master the art of refrigerating on your own, so that your food can be preserved much longer, which will certainly result in substantial savings for your home.


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