The 6 charms of the 36” Benchmark by Bosch


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Bosch knows how to make a refrigerator. The undeniable proof of this are the 6 charms that characterize its 36”Benchmark (B36IT800NP).

This French door refrigerator not only works efficiently to avoid the transfer of flavors and keep products fresh longer, but also adapts easily to the style you want for the kitchen. Therefore, it’s the perfect combination of first-line technology with adaptable design.

However, while the above can give you an idea of the attractiveness of this refrigerator, these 6 reasons are what will certainly make you give in to its charms.


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1- Adaptable design

Bosch has worked on the concept of custom panels for quite some time. This is a great advantage that the German brand offers to interior designers and architects, since it guarantees that the refrigerator will fit perfectly into the design they visualize.

So, you won’t have to adapt your kitchen to the refrigerator, on the contrary, the same can be in perfect harmony with the style you want for that space of your home. Obviously, panels give you something extra. But we assure you that you will happily invest in them.

2- Frozen products that are truly frozen

The SuperFreezing function of the 36” Benchmark (B36IT800NP) guarantees that when you introduce new foods to the system, they will freeze quickly and, both new products as well as those already stored in it, won’t lose their quality and flavor.

The reason behind it is the SuperFreezing technology that makes the freezer reach the required temperature quickly, to avoid wasting energy and taking care of your food.

3- Super Cool

The SuperCool function of the 36” Benchmark (B36IT800NP) is another of its charms. This function protects your food from the hot air that can enter from the outside when you open the refrigerator.

When the SuperCool system is activated, the temperature of the refrigerator decreases quickly to insulate the food inside and to guarantee that the new purchases are cooled faster, while previously stored products maintain their temperature through smart anticipation.


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4- Free of ice

Frost is a thing of the past when it comes to the refrigerators made by Bosch. Obviously, the 36” Benchmark (B36IT800NP) is no exception, since this is also a NoFrost refrigerator.

What does this mean? This refrigerator automatically defrosts frequently, which keeps it free of ice. The condensation resulting from this action is simply channeled out of the refrigerator, where it evaporates later, releasing it from the annoying task that grannies had for decades to thaw the fridge to clean it.

5- Cool Everywhere

The 36” Benchmark (B36IT800NP) also liberates you from the worry of having to organize food based on the temperature needed by each product type. The MultiAirflow function guarantees perfect air circulation throughout the unit and keeps uniform temperature and humidity levels from top to bottom.

This minimizes fluctuations and reduces cooling times, which helps food (especially legumes and vegetables) stay fresh longer and preserve their flavor and texture.

6- Let there be LED light

The 36” Benchmark (B36IT800NP) has a unique concept of interior lighting. This refrigerator comes with an LED light system that guarantees uniform, glare-free interior lighting.
But the best thing is that this system consumes less electricity than conventional refrigerator lights and lasts a lifetime.

Are you ready? Were you convinced of the charm of this refrigerator? Bosch certainly knows how to move the pieces when it comes to design and technology to manufacture appliances that are “inventions for life.”


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