The 5 mutations of refrigeration


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Refrigerators are a key piece in any home, in fact, nowadays living without them is unthinkable. But, despite purists, the concept of refrigeration is also evolving…or mutating into new and interesting options that wouldn’t have been considered years ago.

The “executive refrigerator” was the small pioneer of the diversification of refrigerators that now consider – or generate- the new needs of the users that are becoming more exquisite every day. Now, we introduce the 5 new faces of refrigerators led by a brand that is a specialist in the subject: U-Line.

1. Wine cabinets: they aren’t new, but they are more frequently found in homes today. This version of the common refrigerator is designed to cater to the requirements of one of the most consumed beverages in the world. In sizes according to the needs of the client, wine cabinets have the capacity to offer the temperature, humidity control, and light necessary to care for the most appreciated beverage, even respecting the diverse shapes of the bottles. For the lovers of Dionysus’ drinks, U-Line has a wine cabinet that can easily work as a small wine cellar at home. From the modular series 3000, the 3090WCWC is a 90-cm wine cabinet with capacity for 62 bottles. It comes with a U-Select® control and OLED digital display, which is conveniently located in the upper part of the unit, has three different modes: sparkling wine (3°C – 10°C), white wine (7°C – 12°C), and red wine (12°C – 18°C). It has 2 zones that can be controlled independently, which facilitates adapting the temperature to what your wines need to be preserved and, as if that wasn’t enough, the unit has a rubber mounted compressor that virtually eliminates the vibration. In sum, the perfect safety bolt for your valuable wine.


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2. Modular refrigerators: say good-bye to huge refrigerators that take up space in the kitchen. Modular refrigerators are small cabinets that can be installed inside or outside of the kitchen, even as part of the central island that allow to control the temperature and humidity in specialized ways according to the food they store. Another of its advantages is that upon separating the food, the mix of scents is eliminated. A good example of that is the solid door refrigerator 3060R. This device with a 60-cm crystal door will become the perfect assistant to preserve anything from vegetables to the most diverse types of food that require refrigeration. With a capacity for 100 bottles (330 ml) or 141 cans (330 ml), the U- Select® control offers five different modes: beverages (1°C – 18°C); deli (1°C – 4°C); fresh (1°C – 4°C); pantry (1°C – 21°C), and root cellar (7°C – 13°C).

3. Freezers: they allow users to freeze their food for an indefinite period of time. The most modern ones don’t have any of the unwelcome frost and come in multiple designs that go from a cellar that can be used in an outdoor kitchen, to the modular ones where food can be frozen separately based on their use. The 3060FZR that has a volume of 127 liters is the answer to the prayers of those who need or just wish to have more space in the freezer. Its convection refrigeration system takes the items to the temperature set quickly and efficiently, and the U-Select® control allows to quickly adjust your model to the preprogrammed Polar mode, all that without any frost.


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4. Ice machines: these practical machines are no longer the exclusive property of hotels and restaurants. The most modern presentations come in small sizes, offer high performance, almost make no noise at all, have internal water filters, and are units with energy saving systems. All those characteristics have opened the doors of many homes to these appliances that are the perfect assistant to any home bar. In that sense, U-Line has a clear machine that any home barman will love. The 3045CLR from the modular 3000 series, is a 45-cm clear ice machine with capacity for a daily ice rate production of 27 kg. In sum, this unit will have centerstage at any home party.

5. Beverage refrigerators: refrigerators exclusively dedicated to cooling and preserving beverages are one of the faces of refrigeration that are now more frequently seen outside of the kitchen. Bars, outdoor areas, entertainment centers, and offices are more complete spaces when they include one of these marvels.

Specialized refrigeration contributes to an optimization of the food, energy saving, higher space utilization, and comfort increase for users; which are more than enough reasons to dare and look at these new faces.


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