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Sometimes, using the washing machine can turn into  a scientific experiment. We have  to do some research to figure out the right cycle, the right temperature, the right amount of detergent, and so many other factors to avoid damaging our favorite garments , and yet we keep our fingers crossed that  we won’t find a faded blouse or stained pants at the end of the dreaded wash cycle.


What could be the best friend that releases us from long hours of hand washing, can also be a very scary dragon if we don’t know how to use it correctly. Here are some tips to tame the laundry beast.



  1. Take care of the fabrics


We’re used to separating clothes by color, and that’s fine. However, fabrics are just as important, as some fibers require a delicate wash cycle or a higher temperature.


Wool, for example, should never be mixed with silk or velvet, as the lint will play tricks  on us, and it’ll be easier to replace the damaged piece than to free it completely from the clinging lint.



  1. Check every garment


Closing zippers, checking for loose buttons, removing everything from the pockets, turning jeans inside out, and verifying washing instructions can save garments from accidents, as well as prevent blockages in the washing machine.


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  1. Respect the times of each cycle


You might think that choosing shorter wash cycles might be kinder to nature and more economical, but this isn’t always the case. Short cycles are often more intensive in terms of spinning, and the energy consumption is higher.


Therefore, taking the time to select the correct cycle for each load can be more convenient, and ultimately more efficient.



  1. Don’t overload the washing machine


It’s important to avoid overloading the washing machine because although we may believe that we’re saving energy, the motor of the appliance is working harder and damaging the whole system. Also, the fabrics tend to  wrinkle much more than necessary, sometimes even tearing the fabric.


If the load consists of heavy clothes -towels, jeans, blankets- it’s even more important to make sure that the clothes can move freely during the cycles.



  1. Wash the washing machine


It may seem silly or odd but washing the washing machine once a month will ensure that it continues to provide efficient service. This involves running a wash cycle at maximum temperature with the drum empty, using a machine-cleaning product.


It’s also necessary to wash the soap deposits with a brush and warm water and dry the rubbers once the washing cycle mentioned above has been completed. For this, it’s recommended to use gloves to protect your hands from the residual chemicals in the washing machine.


So, by taking care of all these steps, your relationship with your washing machine will surely become  friendlier and your clothes will thank you for it. (Also read 4 Foolproof tips to keep your washer in top shape).


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