Steam ovens are here to stay and the SF4102VCS by SMEG knows it


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Steam ovens are here to stay, and the SF4102VCS by SMEG is the best proof of this. Today, when anything that is bio or organic is so fashionable in the kitchen, having an appliance that facilitates the process of preparing delicious dishes in a healthier way is a blessing.

An oven with steam function not only allows you to prepare healthier recipes, but also allows you to obtain a better taste and even the perfect texture from food, without any suffering or complicated preparation processes. In other words, a steam oven is the best kept secret to obtain professional results at home.

But steam ovens also have another big advantage. This type of cooking allows food to retain its nutritional properties because the food is cooked from the inside out, which by the way generates that necessary moisture that becomes the juicy texture that you like so much and that enhances the flavors.


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Thinking about the modern trends in the kitchen and at the same time the need for speed and ease required nowadays, SMEG provided the electric oven SF4102VCS with three essential functions: only steam, combined and traditional cooking, which guarantees great versatility when it comes to cooking.

Additionally, this oven can automatically calculate and load the correct amount of water needed for the desired cooking intended, avoiding any waste. This means that, when used in combined mode, you can even select the percentage that best suits your cooking needs, to get perfect results.Perhaps one of the functions you will love the most about this oven is the reheating one. This function allows you to heat previously cooked food and food kept in the refrigerator, without altering the quality of the food or reducing its organoleptic properties.

5 Reasons why a steam oven is your golden dream

If none of the above seems attractive enough for you to choose an oven like the SF4102VCS by SMEG, we will give you below 5 reasons that will help you fall for its charm (or advantages). Take note:

  1. A steam oven allows you to cook your food well without it losing its moisture and soft texture.
  2. Steaming will help meats and vegetables retain a greater amount of nutrients, vitamins, and mineral salts.
  3. Steam cooking guarantees you will obtain food that is soft and juicy on the inside, and crispy and golden on the outside, which you won’t get with any other traditional method.
  4. This type of oven allows you to cook frozen foods without having to defrost them first and also cook several dishes at the same time without mixing the aromas.
  5. The combined function of this oven reunites the advantages of a vaporizer and those of a traditional oven.

However, all these advantages come down to: tasty and healthy family lunches and dinners prepared in a short time. Quite a dream come true, isn’t it?


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