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The motto of Gaggenau’s cooktops is no other than adding sophistication and technology to the art of cooking. The beauty and perfection of its design -which fits like a glove in any kitchen style- makes them the cooktops of choice for designers around the world.

With or without a stainless-steel frame -for an embedded installation- these induction cooktops offer a wide range of options to please all tastes and needs. Based on its characteristic German quality as a guarantee of durability, all Gaggenau’s cooktops have in common their manufacture in dark glass-ceramic and, most of them have a safety system with a main switch, operation indicator, pan detection, child lock, and safety shut-off that make them a luxury item in any kitchen.


La Cuisine International


Joined or separately

The induction cooktops of the Vario 400 series are masterpieces. For example, the VI 414 611 model is ideal to cook with woks. It comes with one cooking area with different diameters that allow cooking perfectly with utensils of different dimensions.

Besides, this cooktop has specially designed functions so cooking is easier (stopwatch, booster, and frying sensor functions), as well as cleaning and handling (bicolor display function control, control knobs with illuminated rings, etc.).

Within the same series (Vario flex 400) we find the model VI 422 611. Unlike the previous one, this cooktop has two cooking areas of 19×23 cm each and when joined together offer an area of 38×23 cm (3300 W and booster of 3600 W). With a total area of 38 cm (14”) and the same functions as its predecessor, this model is ideal for a small kitchen. However, both models can be part of the same design and complement each other to offer a large working area, thus, emphasizing the adaptability of the product and the clear vision of the brand that aims at satisfying the needs of the final consumer.


La Cuisine International


More space, more innovations

Gaggenau thought about large size kitchens or homes for big families as well. With that in mind, the brand introduced their induction cooktops from the Flex 200 series that offer not only more space to cook, but also a series of innovations that will make food preparation a pleasure in harmony with modern life.


La Cuisine International


The CI 282 610 model is a sample of the space offered by the series with 80 cm (almost 32”) wide and 4 cooking areas of different sizes (2 rectangular and 2 circular areas). This electric cooktop with a power of 6.2 kW, comes with a stainless-steel frame that makes it easy to install on any countertop. Additionally, the flex function allows combining the rectangular areas to offer a total cooking area of 38×24 cm (3300 W and booster of 3600 W).
Just as the other cooktops of the series, it has a twist-pad control with removable magnetic knobs, which are also easy to handle since all functions can be controlled through their bicolor display function control.

However, the ultimate cooktops for spacious kitchens are the CI 292 600 and CI 292 610 models. There are a few variations between them: The first one has no stainless-steel frame while the second model does. With 2 rectangular flex induction cooktops that offer a full cooking area of 15″x 9″ each when joined together (with 3300 W and booster for 3600 W), they come with 1 circular cooking area of 3 dimensions (9”, 10” y 13”) in the center.

Among the functions that could turn this induction cooktop in a dream come true are the cooking sensor function for temperature control in pots and the frying sensor function for temperature control in pans. Can you ask for more? Of course. Gaggenau has a series of gadgets such as retractable hobs, grills, and electric fryers among many that could turn your kitchen into a chef-worthy area. Just combine the elements and adapt them to the needs and space available, because good taste and performance guarantee are trademarks of this brand.


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