Smeg ovens: minimalism and avant-garde technology


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The sweet smell of cupcakes, the satisfaction of home cooked lasagna or that Mediterranean vegetable escalibada are unique dishes that ask for more than an oven. They call for an ally in the kitchen like the ones only a brand like Smeg can produce. The perfect combination of refined aesthetics and cutting-edge technology qualifies them to satisfy the most demanding tastes and puts them at the top in the oven category.

The nobleness of the stainless steel is combined with the subtlety of glass and enamel in each of the elements that make up the different oven lines of this Italian brand. Even though all their shapes are straight and clean; there are differences regarding dimensions, functions, and cooking methods. Known for the production of unique top quality appliances, Smeg offers an incredibly varied line of ovens –electrical, gas or steam, and combination units-. Its many models are the best example of how this brand harmoniously mixes materials and technology.

Without a doubt, the brand’s line of electric ovens stands out as a work of art of the Made in Italy excellence. Its broad variety of models that go from pizza ovens to convection ovens, from the multifunction fan and thermo fan to pyrolytic, have been made to satisfy functional needs as well as aesthetic demands. Also, the brand incorporates efficiency and beauty, with the 60 cm cavity ovens, amongst the largest in the market.

Regarding the pyrolytic ovens, these are proof of the superiority and vanguard of the brand. Equipped with an auto-cleaning function, a thermal process that reaches 500°C, allowing grime and grease to be removed from the walls of the interior cavity without using detergents. Also, the four tempered glass panels that form the oven door prevent the exterior temperature to exceed the 55°C during cleaning time. This function keeps the oven optimal for cooking.

And if that weren’t enough, the electric ovens from this Italian brand allow energy savings of up to 20% in relation to Class A and guarantees the preparation of dishes with high professional grade even for the less experienced cooks.

As for Smeg’s gas ovens, even though they take back cooks to the values of traditional cooking, they also feature a grill that completes food preparation with a superb gratin.

All in all, the complete range is made up by built-in ovens with designs that easily adjust to any style. So, if you are not sure what type of oven you need, we invite you to visit Smeg’s web and find the perfect one for you and your kitchen.

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