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The 50’s Style line from Italian brand Smeg® goes back to the roots, transmitting the sophistication of a decade when art, automobiles, and the first kitchen appliances were fitted with sumptuous curves and solid materials. Each product casts a spell on the affluent client.

As any Smeg® piece, the large refrigerators and freezers proudly feature the standards of “Made in Italy”. Interior designers as well as the final consumers have turned them into cult objects adding a Retro touch to any home. Their high quality and elegant design flawlessly communicate the values and the philosophy of the brand – Technology with style.

Vintage esthetics reminds us of the first refrigerators that were a true luxury in the post-war households. Today they are seamlessly integrated into a modern environment. The fusion between technology, functionality, and style reinvents the concept of an ordinary kitchen appliance. The 50’s Retro Style line is transformed into the focal point of any kitchen – a distinctive sign of the Smeg®-sealed designs.

The color palette includes hues reminiscent of Pop Art, playing with eye-catching elements and classic options for every taste. In all, you can choose between 10 different versions of refrigerators and freezers that will match your kitchen design.


Tailored to your needs

In Retro collection, each piece can be differentiated by size and functions, still they all share typical 50’s curvy lines. Complemented by a cutting-edge system of handles, they facilitate product use: ergonomic design lets you easily open and close the appliance.

Smeg® is the brand that takes kitchen appliances’ personalization to another level. The door hinges can be installed right or left-handed depending on your preferences. The client can choose from the models in silver to the fingerprint-proof stainless steel ones. The well-thought design satisfies the most diverse demands and needs.
Among their outstanding technologies are the automatic defrost option and the proposals in class A+ and A++ that allow energy savings of more than 25% than their class A equivalents. As for the freezers, Smeg® ensured to equip them with the Fast FreezingTM function. Not only does it make fast freezing possible, but it also keeps all food properties intact.

Retro line’s refrigerators feature a Multiflow cooling system which uniformly diffuses air in its interior. Every model is completely no-frost and features two 0º centigrade compartments especially fitted to preserve meat and fish.

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