Smeg Fab5 refrigerator: a star in terms of design and retro elegance


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Today, most appliance brands compete in the market to win over consumers with innovative designs and high technology, so, what used to be a differentiating element is nowadays the common denominator of manufacturers.


For this reason, it is always refreshing to find brands that bet on being different. One of the favorites of decorators, architects, and customers is the Italian company Smeg due to the visual impact of its smart designs.


This Italian manufacturer, which has made retro and bright colors its signature, has turned its appliances into pop icons in the kitchen. Design lovers have become Smeg addicts because the brand offers state-of-the-art appliances that are also decorative elements.



Unique appliances as a strategy

One example of Smeg’s strategy is its collaboration with the fashion house Dolce & Gabbana. Under the slogan Sicily is my Love, the merger of these two giants has resulted in a collection of unique kitchen appliances that will make it difficult for you to choose.


The possibility of falling in love with a Smeg appliance is high. A classic among them is the compact refrigerator, model FAB5, from the 50′ style line. These refrigerators, with a height of just 73 cm, a depth of 40 cm, and a weight of 17.5 kg, are ideal for offices or homes where you need to take full advantage of the space. This model is perfect as an executive refrigerator because its 50’s style design adds a very elegant retro touch to any environment.


The compact version of the FAB5 comes in several colors, such as the traditional black, orange, red, and cream, as well as with special designs, such as the so-called Union Jack, which is very popular among fans of this Smeg line. These refrigerators are so beautiful that you’ll want to have them all, although you’ll certainly find the one that fits the personality of your house or office thanks to its vintage design.


If you are discreet, prefer neutral colors on the walls, and love wooden furniture, the black or cream FAB5 is for you. If, on the other hand, you have a bold personality and love pieces that stand out and create color contrasts, the red or orange models will fit your style. Also, the Union Jack model will look great in an environment decorated with trunks and lots of plants.


smeg fab5 szene rd


And although this is a small refrigerator, it has enough capacity inside for more than just snacks and beverages. This appliance has 2 chrome shelves adjustable in 5 levels and a capacity for fresh food up to 42 liters (gross volume), along with an ice cube tray, and LED lighting. In the door, its movable door-bin structure has enough space to store several beverages and also includes a bottle shelve (support structure) with wire support.


The FAB5 is an appliance that you must have because it fits perfectly in our current lifestyle offering you a state-of-the-art product where to preserve food and beverages and, also a very stylish appliance that will decorate the space.


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