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Faber said: “Let there be SkyLift” and immediately the prayers of interior designers hoping for an extractor hood that harmonized with the most daring styles were answered. This new ace up the sleeve of the Italian brand that creates the concept that allows to release the kitchens from annoying smells is the missing touch so this space of the home could be fully open.

With SkyLift, Faber returns to its pioneering role and once again sets the bar higher when it comes to these devices that for years were a headache for architects and designers. With SkyLift, the brand not only introduces a new concept in extractors hoods to the market in terms of design, but also stands at the forefront in relation to technology, efficiency, and ease of use.


La Cuisine International


With the unique touch of Faber

Fully integrated into the ceiling, the SkyLift extractor hood descends over the cooktop or stove only when you want to activate all its filtering power and the efficiency of your perimeter suction. This wonderful movement will be activated by remote control, which will provide style and modernism to your kitchen.

White glass and 4 thin steel cables in an extremely clean and elegant minimalist design are the basic features of this extractor hood. Its ultra-light and dynamic appearance impressed the market that still doesn’t believe how Faber could combine, in such a great way, state-of-the-art technology and aesthetics to put them at the service of extraction in the kitchen. To add a distinctive touch, Faber put low power LED lights (only 3 watts) in the SkyLift, which are enough to give you a perfect view of both the work area and the food.

Among the other technological additions included in this extractor hood are a filter saturation alarm that tells you when to change the anti-odor filter and clean the anti-grease filter, and the intensive speed option that activates the maximum suction for 6 minutes to meet special cooking needs. And if there’s something missing, the carbon filters of the SkyLift extractor hood are dishwasher safe. In short, Faber knows what it does and does it well.


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